First, I Love You


“Love knows no time, or distance, and it certainly knows no reason.”



One part Godfather, two parts Emma and a dash of Casablanca…
Omaha Detective Tommy Gates has kept his gangster father at arm’s length his whole life. Mickey Downey has spent the better part of the last two decades trying to find ways to get back the son he lost through Witness Protection. Now Tommy has taken an opportunity to work on a Federal Human Trafficking Joint Task Force in Chicago where his father lives. Tommy’s sister Kiki and his mother Mary see this as an opportunity to build a relationship between the two. Tommy’s new DEA partner James Hoffman sees it as an opportunity to gain leverage over Mickey Downey. Tommy’s other partner, FBI Agent Ginny Sommers wants to keep Tommy’s family as far from the case as possible. When Kiki and James join forces, sparks fly and it sets fire to a maelstrom of unexpected consequences for everyone involved.
Told from the perspective and point of view of each the six main characters,
First, I Love You is the first novel in a trilogy about love, loyalty, revenge and redemption.


“This is a great read: the characters are complex and appealing, the story has a great rhythm and flow, and – more importantly – this is not formulaic. Instead, it’s an unexpected and unpredictable narrative, and at the end of the book I’m left wanting to know more about Tommy and Kiki and Mickey Downey.”

— Amazon customer review

“I really liked this first novel by a new indie writer. I bought it because the description drew me in and I stayed connected until the end. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read with interesting characters.  I want to know more about Tommy and Mickey’s relationship. Can’t wait for the second book!”

–Apple customer review

“This is a definite must read. Family drama, intrigue, smexy love scenes, and all brilliantly written, packaged in one book.”

–Goodreads review

“What an amazing book…You feel for the main character, who finds himself torn between his family and his strong beliefs in the law. Characters like James and Kiki, his retired mobster father, Mickey and Ginny keep you spellbound- their turmoil over his relationship with his father a struggle too- while Tommy fights with his inner demons and realizing that not everything is black or white.”

— Goodreads Review



What are Bloggers saying about FIRST, I LOVE YOU?


“I can’t believe I almost missed this jewel of a story. I am absolutely in love with First, I Love You…I’m not a fan of books that hold too many characters, but the author does a wonderful job of telling six character POVs in their own chapter. It is a unique change that I found especially refreshing. The criminal activity in the background story is raw and exciting, and I hope more will continue in the next installment.”

Literati Literature Lovers, 5/5 Stars

“The book doesn’t quite follow the rules of any specific genre – while the main theme is organised crime intertwined is a story of hatred, love and regret, which pleased me greatly. Some may say that you cannot have a story about warring Mafia families, crime and murder with stories of love thrown in, but I think in this instance it really worked.”

Gem’s Book Reviews , 4/5 Stars

“This story had a bit of everything, gangsters, special agents, a daughter who appears to be a mob daughter/princess, a human trafficking ring, a son searching for a way to connect with the father that he never had in his life but never stopped loving him, and the best part? You don’t get to see one love interest story develop here but three!!!”

Rose’s Book Blog, 4/5 Stars

“I would recommend the Downey Trilogy to anyone that loves a mixture of genre’s all wrapped up in one story.  The characters’ relationships with each other are explosive and there is not one moment that lacked interest while I was reading.”

— Cruising Susan’s Book Reviews, 5/5 Stars

“The characters have quickly become favorites of mine and when that happens I tend to revisit them…that makes me happy that there is a second book!”

Truly Simply Pink, 4.5/5 Stars

“Show me romance weaved into in-depth multi-layered twists and turns, and I will tell you that you have a hit on your hands.”

Penelope Jones, 5/5 Stars

“This story was full of twists and turns, making it completely unpredictable. The plot hooked and held my attention the entire time. Combining all the elements of a detective novel, a gangster novel, a mystery, a romance and family saga drama, First I Love You is the complete package.”

Stories and Swag

“You get just enough background information to understand why the characters do what they do or act the way they do. The epilogue rounds things off well but it is still very much a cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more. Needless to say I absolutely can’t wait to read the next book…”

Reading Bliss, 4/5 Stars

“Jump in and enjoy this book. The author took a story and has tightly woven the fabric in a way that leaves you screaming where is book two . The next is Second of All and I am so excited to write about that one too. Even more excited is this is a debut. I can’t believe that it is not only a debut, but the book totally lives up to the description.”

Reading Renee, 5/5 Stars

“I did enjoy the fact that you don’t get to see one love interest story develop here, but three – that felt like a bonus.  I’ve never seen anything done like this book before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Ravishing Romances, 4/5 Stars

“This book is very unique.  I have never read a book where there are so  many point of views throughout the entire book… I love Kiki and how smart she is and very feisty.  I feel bad  for her because everybody thinks she is some dumb spoiled brat that has a gangster for a father.  She is nothing like people think.  When her and James meet there is some instant chemistry…Mickey may be a bad man and involved in many illegal activities but he was raised in this world, and it is all he has ever known.  His  love for Mary and Tommy is so sad.  He always loved them from a distance and never stopped loving Mary.”

Book Fanatic, 4/5 Stars


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