Second of All


“Oh, the sweet, painful pleasure of anticipation!”

Second of All, The Downey Trilogy #2

(You will need to read First, I Love You , Downey #1, prior to reading Second of All.)




This introspective sequel to First, I Love You takes you deeper into a tale of interwoven roles, divided loyalties, and personal conflicts.

Detective Tommy Gates and Agent Ginny Sommers struggle to balance their growing personal relationship with their task of finding his father. Back home, Kiki Downey and James Hoffman are facing their own internal and external pressures. After Mary Gates is led on a different trail by Mickey’s Irish kin, they are all given pieces of a puzzle that it will take the whole family to solve. Interlocked within the narrative are glimpses into how Mickey Downey became the man he is today.

Throughout their journeys, past and present, they all must struggle with what loyalties and loves come first, and what comes… second of all.



“Three complicated, romantic, frustrating, and beautiful love stories in one book.  I can’t wait to read the third book and find out where their love and adventures with mob life lead.”

— Goodreads Review

“I enjoyed how everyone’s lives got tangled up in the first book and they are even more so in this one. I think the author did a better job bridging into the third book in this one and layered the clues throughout the story. There are several different types of love stories going on here which balances the often melancholy flashbacks into Mickey’s life. I will definitely look forward to the last book!”

— Apple Customer Review

“This series reminds me a lot of the movie Crash … Different couples, very different lives, and how through life events they cross paths, and find hope in the end. This book gives you hope, lets you dream, and surprises you often.”

— Amazon Customer Review

“This book was so much more than a romance novel. I was intrigued throughout the story and trying to figure out what move Mickey would make next.  I also loved the occasional back and forth between the past and now it really helped to see what things were like in the past for Mickey and Mary and how it led to where Mickey is today…I finished this book a few days ago and these characters are so well thought out and developed that I am still thinking about them…”

— Rose’s Book Blog

“Absolutely adored Kiki as a determined, feisty, coming of age character.  Kiki’s relationship with Mary, particularly culminating n the ‘hideaway’ scenes, was extremely moving and endearing, and a love story in its own right.  I was moved by how Mickey and Mary’s great love was explored in the context of withstanding  the test of time…but absolutely LOVED the ending for Mickey and Tommy!!!

— Goodreads Review



Second of All is available in paperback and digital format at these retailers:

Amazon (Kindle/Kindle App/Paperback) * Apple (iPad/iPhone)

Barnes & Noble (Nook/Paperback) * Kobo (eReader)

Smashwords (iPad, Kindle, Nook, Phone, PC) * CreateSpace (Paperback only)


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