Missing Scenes, Flash Fiction, and Poetry

Flash Fiction:


(First Place in The Iron Writer Challenge Flash Fiction contest: Four contestants have four days to write a five hundred word piece of fiction with four disparate elements)



As the winner of a previous Iron Writer Challenge, I was invited to participate in the Iron Writer Summer Solstice Challenge! Here is my entry.


Downey Series Missing Scenes:

FILYversion413   SoACoverVersion513   ThirdTime   .    birddaycover   valentinescover

NEW BEGINNINGS (A Tommy Gates and Kyle Anderson Flashback)

This short scene features a young Tommy Gates and Kyle Anderson (from Bird Day Battalion, V-Day Aversion, and The Good Life) and is set shortly before the flashback scene in the first chapter of First, I Love You in which Mickey finds Mary & Tommy.


SPIN THE BOTTLE (A Dominic Valentini and Katelyn Anderson Flashback)

This is a look at the spin the bottle game that Kate references in Bird Day Battalion. Little Tommy Gates makes a brief cameo at the party.


ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY TWO FRONT KNEES (A Dominic Valentini and Katelyn Anderson Flashback)

This is a short holiday scene between Dom and Kate set the Christmas before they get together in Bird Day Battalion. It is very fluffy and G-rated. Published in A World of Joy Anthology.


HER PRINCE (A Mickey Downey, Mary Gates, and Claire Anderson-Underwood Flashback)

This scene features a nineteen year old Mary Gates, freshly arrived in New York, talking with her new best friend Claire (Anderson) Underwood about the mysterious new man she started seeing, Michael…something or another.


CONVERSATIONS AT 30,000 FT (A Maeve Downey & Ginny Sommers Missing Scene)

This is a quick missing moment from Second of All set aboard the flight to Dublin that both Maeve and Ginny are on.


LETTERS FROM MICKEY DOWNEY (Letters Mickey Downey wrote to his loved ones)

These are the letters referenced in the Downey Trilogy that Mickey wrote to his loved ones over the years. In the books, the reader rarely gets to see the contents of these letters so I have begun sharing them as Wednesday blog posts. Check back as I add more.








I have occasionally written things that qualify as erotica, or are of a strictly adult nature.

You can find these flash fictions here.

SPECIAL DELIVERY (A Kiki & James Missing Moment / Love Scene from First, I Love You)

SECOND CHANCES (A Mickey & Mary Flashback / Love Scene)



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