Countdown to Third Time’s The Charm: An excerpt from First, I Love You (Downey #1)

Getting impatient for the third book in The Downey Trilogy? While we wait for the cover reveal on September 19th and the release on October 31st, I’m going to try and keep things interesting. Maybe some contests like we did with the others, giveaways, excerpts, who knows…

But first, I’ll begin with reliving some fan-favorite moments from First, I Love You and Second of All. This one is going out to Brenda, a huge James and Kiki fan who tells me this is her fave moment from First, I Love You:

“Kiki open the door! At least let me explain. Please, baby,” he said, panic seeping into his veins.

Once again he’d underestimated Downey. He’d clearly already pissed on his territory and gotten his version of events out first.

“Go away, Agent Hoffman. Before I call the police,” her soft voice finally said.

The tears and pain in her voice squeezed at his heart. He rattled the door handle a few more pointless times then took out his frustration by banging the door with both fists and kicking it to punctuate each word.

“Kiki! Dammit! Kiki. Open. This. God. Damned. Door! I told you it was separate! I told you—!”

His last words were abruptly cut off by hands jerking him back and slamming him into the opposite wall. The man he’d seen with Downey in the alley pinned him to the wall, forearm choking off his airway. James brought his arm up but he wasn’t quick enough to stop the pistol blow across his head. Jesus, he thought as the gun repeatedly wacked down on him. James twisted sideways, training finally kicking in and swept his assailants legs, punching him in the kidney as he dropped. The man fell down and his gun skidded.

James reached for his own weapon but his hands fumbled as the world spun and the lost seconds were enough for the man to get up and land a solid rib punch, knocking him breathless on the ground, followed in quick succession with well-placed strategic kicks to his midsection, hands and legs, intended on immobilizing him. The guard was clearly well-trained in the dirty street-fight. He tried his best to block the attacks, but his head was throbbing from the pistol whip and he couldn’t seem to gain traction or calculate a plan as the man wailed on him. Stupid, stupid, he thought hazily. He had been so focused on her he had let his guard down.

“STOP!! My God, stop! Carlo, stop it! James! James!” he heard Kiki shrieking and the abuse stopped.

Blood and sweat stung his eyes but he could see her face suddenly hovering over his, world still spinning madly. He could feel her tiny soft hands cupping his head, smell her sweet smelling hair against his face and he used all the strength he had left to raise his hand up and bring her head down to his. He could taste her tears on her lips as he heard himself whisper against them,

“I love you…”

Then the world went black.

–Copyright 2012, Genevieve Dewey

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