First, I Love You made it through to the 2nd Round of ABNA! #ASMSG Wow!

So this morning I prepared myself for disappointment and thus my excitement is TEN-fold to announce that First, I Love You  made it to the next round of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Contest!!!!

Every year Amazon selects Indie novels from 20,000 entrants in the first round to potentially win a final prize of $50,000 AND a publishing contract with their imprint.

They have five genre categories and select 400 of these entrants in each category to advance to the second round:



This is SOOOOO exciting!!!

(Or is that just me?)



  1. OMG!!! Congratulations!!! It’s not just you…. You have every right to be excited. You beat out thousands upon thousands of people to get to the second round!!! That’s a huge deal, sister. YAY YOU!!!!


  2. No, it’s not just you Genevieve, we’re excited for you. Let’s hope you don’t stop moving now. Whether you win the prize or not, this must bring readers to your book and there’s not much better than that. Well Done. xx Hugs xx


    1. Ah, that is sweet and generous of you, Lord Prosser! I didn’t make it into the Quarterfinals but I’m still proud of making that first cut, that’s only 10% of the initial entrants! One of the ABNA/PublishersWeekly reviewers said really nice things about it too! 🙂


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