#TheDowneyTrilogy: Get to Know Kiki Downey

The Downey Trilogy centers around the relationship between mostly Irish-part Italian gangster Michael “Mickey” Downey and his son Detective Tommy Gates. But the catalyst that starts the story is Katherine “Kiki” Downey, Mickey’s daughter with Theresa Anastasio . A mob princess with a pure gangster pedigree going back generations, she is very beautiful and fond of meddling plan-making, but as Agent Hoffman says “she uses her powers mostly for good”.

You can learn a bit more about Kiki Downey here or get to know her through Mickey’s eyes in his letters here.

Here are some more interesting facts about Kiki Downey:

1) She secretly loves her full name Katherine Anastasia. Even though it’s a bit stodgy, it’s always made her feel regal. And it honors her mother’s family, the Anastasios, who were the force to be reckoned with before her father.

2) She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes but has felt it would be cruel to have one in her apartment or without kids to play with it.

3) She majored in business at Elmhurst College before she quit, but she told everyone she was taking art classes after the first few people she told thought she was kidding.

4) When she was six she wore a tiara for five solid weeks (even slept with it) until one of her Bonanno cousins broke it.

5) She blogs about fashion trends but would really love to run her own event planning company, especially weddings.

6) She hates traditional Irish music, the one thing she has in common with her grandmother Maeve, who loves to mock anyone that assumes just because she’s from Ireland that she ought to listen to reels and jigs all day.

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