An excerpt from Second of All (Downey #2) #ASMSG |

I posted this pic yesterday on Facebook. I’m super obsessed with it, it’s so very romantic and so VERY Mickey & Mary. I stumbled across it on a random Google search (it appears to be from Lifestyle Photographers). It makes me all kinds of #leSigh and reminds me of this scene…


[WARNING! Spoilers for those who haven’t finished First, I Love You]


Oh, the sweet, painful pleasure of anticipation!

Mary closed her eyes and rested her forehead against the foggy cool glass of the greenhouse. As she let out a weary breath she felt strong arms enclose around her and the comforting scratch of a beard against her neck seconds before warm lips pressed onto her collar bone. She leaned back against him and felt both comfort and bittersweet pain.

“Ohhh, I see,” Mary whispered. “This was all part of the dream. I wanted it to be that we would find you and I dreamed this. Finding the room, Kiki finding the answer, finding a way you could come to me… but I should have known…”

“Should have known what?” Michael’s gravelly voice purred in her ear and his whiskers tickled a shiver from her.

Mary tried to turn and look at him but his arms tightened around her.

“On the other hand… could it really be that simple?” she whispered again.

She could feel him chuckling.

“Mary girl, life is as simple as we let it be.”

Her eyes filled with tears. She wished with one part of her soul this weren’t real and with the other that it was, but wasn’t it just another goodbye either way?

“I don’t think I can do it,” Mary said, leaning her head into his. “I think you were right. You were right back in April and in the letter. I can’t leave them, if that’s why you’re back, to take me away with you now that you’ve got that money. I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

“Did I ask that, Mary?” Michael asked, still chuckling. Mary frowned. That wasn’t the response she would have thought even a dream Michael would give. She tried again to turn around.

“Why won’t you let me turn around?”

“Safer that way. I have to go and have a chat with our son. When the Fed gets back, you can’t give a description.”

“I would lie.”

“And I’m done asking you to.”

Mary frowned some more.

“But you’ll ask Tommy to?”



Michael’s teeth lightly nipped her neck and she gasped. His hands dipped then moved up the length of her in a sort of reverse hug and caress.

“All in good time, Mary. Close your eyes,” Michael whispered in her ear.

Mary could feel him come around her while not breaking his embrace, then his lips were on hers and she sank into the contradictory sinful heaven of his kiss…

Second of All (The Downey Trilogy, #2) © 2013 Genevieve Dewey, All Rights Reserved


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