Come play “Pen the Secret” on the #Naughtycouch 2nite (4-4) 9pmCST #ASMSG

Come play “Pen the Secret” on the #Naughtycouch 2nite (4-4) 9pmCST #ASMSG.

Bad Penny (or Sweet P as I call her) and I are hosting the first ever Pen the Secret contest on the #Naughtycouch over on Twitter!

NO you don’t have to be #naughty or write the #naughty!

That’s just where we’ll be meeting. It’s warm and squishy and we are very friendly, I swear!

This activity is to encourage us all to be spending more time on our WRITING!!! I know, right? That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. And yet, we’ll have some fun on Twitter at the same time! Win-win!

Please click on the link above as Penny’s spelled out the rules, etc.

Hope to see you Thursday nights at 9pm Central starting tonight!


I Want To Thank You

Every day I get up I am thankful for my family and friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life! But I am ALSO grateful/thankful/humbled by the thought that there are people out there who enjoy reading what I write as much as I love writing it.

So to all you fans (whether I know you or not) :


Applies to Authors as well… #ASMSG

Stole this from FB (it applies to anyone who creates anything I think):


There *might* be a few more things I’d add but it’s a start

So true!


An update on your Valentine’s Day short romance

So an update on your Valentine’s Day story…

Looks like of those of you who have voted so far, that you want more Dom&Kate from The Bird Day Battalion, with a couple wanting a new or a combo. It’s very true you will be getting plenty of Kiki&James and Tommy&Ginny (and even Mary&Mickey! for real!) in Second of All so that’s an easy choice. Unless there’s a big change in voting I plan on giving you a spicy (but still sweet and funny) dose of Dom&Kate but with a new couple thrown in there too. BUT you can still vote some more and if it changes I’ll just keep it for another holiday! I’m all about pleasing people. ;P

After the 14th I’ll close it. 😉


And also I can’t hardly believe Second of All is out in a month! (less than, if all goes well, I am hoping to have it be your New Years present)

THANK YOU for your continued support, you guys are all amazing! 😀

Public domain baby…LOL

Stolen from Facebook, where it was stolen from someone else, where it was stolen from Pinterest. Whoever made it gets the credit. FWIW ha!

Words… #Poemup #ASMSG

Thank you, Penny. You are an amazing friend and truly wonderful person!

Words… #Poemup #ASMSG.

Feeling like a wee bit of nonsense

Or maybe it’s just I’ve never had a morning in which NO one visited my little corner of Gen. Busy shopping? Are you actually working? 0_0

Well, then… I will continue futzing with the layout of Second of All and writing on Third Time’s the Charm. Remember to vote in the poll if you want me to write you a Valentine’s Day short romance.


A Very important question for the best fans in the world (yes, you!)

So if I were to say… write a short story for Valentine’s Day…

Remember! Second of All is due out in JANUARY!!!

(EEEE! and also, *biting nails*)

Check out #ASMSG!

If you’ve been curious about the #ASMSG hashtag on some of my tweets, check out the website for the ASMSG Authors League, of which I am a proud member!

Here is the link: Authors Social Media Support Group