Come play “Pen the Secret” on the #Naughtycouch 2nite (4-4) 9pmCST #ASMSG

Come play “Pen the Secret” on the #Naughtycouch 2nite (4-4) 9pmCST #ASMSG.

Bad Penny (or Sweet P as I call her) and I are hosting the first ever Pen the Secret contest on the #Naughtycouch over on Twitter!

NO you don’t have to be #naughty or write the #naughty!

That’s just where we’ll be meeting. It’s warm and squishy and we are very friendly, I swear!

This activity is to encourage us all to be spending more time on our WRITING!!! I know, right? That’s what we’re supposed to be doing. And yet, we’ll have some fun on Twitter at the same time! Win-win!

Please click on the link above as Penny’s spelled out the rules, etc.

Hope to see you Thursday nights at 9pm Central starting tonight!


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