Can’t wait for The Good Life to get here? Listen to the Playlist while you wait!

These are the songs I either referenced in the Dom & Kate shorts or The Good Life, or just songs that I listened to while writing the novel. It’s sort of the soundtrack, if you will, for the novel.


The Good Life Playlist:


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Be done with it and just do the work.

Saw this the other day on Pinterest and it’s stuck with me. I don’t know about you, but I often have trouble letting the day “go”, and certainly while writing, I am thinking of all the other “places” in the story I need to be, or get to, or polish.

But you’ve GOT to just let it go, and begin each day with fresh enthusiasm.


FREE from Grey Mouse Publishing and #asmsg authors: A WORLD OF JOY

A World of Joy is a free holiday anthology from Grey Mouse Publishing.

In A World of Romance, you got a spicy James & Kiki short, but this time it’s a sweet and totally G-rated Dom & Kate short! My story is called “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Knees” and features Dom & Kate on the Christmas BEFORE they got together in The Bird Day Battalion.

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Did you know there are free Dom & Kate flashbacks and a sneak peek at the Dom&Kate novel The Good Life, right here on the website? Check them out!

Dom and Kate fans! Read a never-before-seen Christmas short! #asmsg Dec

My short holiday story is called “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Knees” and features Dom & Kate on the Christmas BEFORE they got together in The Bird Day Battalion. It’s smooshy and totally G-rated (sorry, lol)!

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(Edited to fix the fact that apparently the link wasn’t working! It is now!)

The Good Life Playlist while I write for my Nebraska boos (Ironically, no Lady Gaga)

You’ve seen my Downey Trilogy Playlists on YouTube, well it’s only fair I share my Dom & Kate writing songs.

The Good Life Playlist:


A friendly reminder for my friends doing NaNoWriMo…



Haha! Nothing like a dose of Jason Statham  to get you motivated, huh?

I’m busy writing on The Good Life, the Dom & Kate novel (which is actually just as much a Kyle Anderson novel).

By the way, not to sound too needy or anything, but feel free to rate/review Third Time’s The Charm wherever you bought it or at Goodreads! I adore all the tweets and inboxes I’m getting, but why not share those thoughts with others?

Don’t be shy, I appreciate you more than you can possibly know! 🙂

Write ON! REBLOG of “You’re Not a Writer” by Lissa Bryan

From Lissa Bryan:

“You’re Not a Real Writer”–RUBBISH!

“…In the end, it seems to boil down to a few critics and authors who want to keep up these crumbling walls of distinction as a way of differentiating a select few from the hoi polloi, like a society matron appalled at the influx of “new money.” But their insecurity does not constitute a valid definition.

There are real writers everywhere.

Click to read more. It’s a fantastic blog post! (I’d just Reblog it, but alas, Blogger and WordPress do not play well with each other so I have to manually do it.)
And speaking of things that are full of Truthy-truthiness:


There isn’t a day that goes by that Ireland Calling doesn’t have the right cheer me up, which sometimes comes in the form of “rub some dirt in it” as my maternal Grandfather would say and he was full of salty Irish wisdom. Haha!

You can go to their website by clicking on the meme or follow them on Facebook at and Celtic Quotes !!!

Hee! Dedicated to all the “challenging” women out there. *wink*


The journey’s half the fun!

So let’s go together!
Sometimes we get this sense of urgency;
write, promote, sell, edit, teach, create, train, motivate, do, do, DO!
There is a great compliment in knowing
people are waiting on your next piece of work,
but, don’t forget to take a deep breath,
look around,
smile at your companions,
and enjoy the journey!

Sparkle! Sparkle!