I’m so awesome I can be at multiple parties at once! LOL #ASMSG

Merry Christmas Eve Day (actually Merry Christmas to some of you!)

As promised I set up a Q&A at Goodreads with discussion topics and a link to the CyberParty at Facebook:


The Q&A will run the entire month of January!

If you don’t like Goodreads here is the link to the Facebook Event for the Release of Second of All on NEW YEARS DAY:



Don’t like either Goodreads or Facebook?

That’s cool, you know me, I’ll be tweeting too.



Liebster mien cupcake

I was nominated for this Liebster blog award thingy by Penelope Jones, aka Bad Penny, aka Sweet P, aka Maude (what I am now calling her in my mind now that I know her name isn’t actually Penelope but have no real name to call her. I will also picture her vacuuming her carpets wearing pearls, high heels, and a martini in her free hand. *shrug* It’s a free country.)

Anyhoo, I answer eleven questions, tell eleven random facts about myself then nominate eleven blogs to do the same. Trouble is, I am not sure I know eleven bloggers who would like to participate.

BEHOLD, a post in which I warn you, I may nominate unwilling people unless some of you bravely throw yourself under the bus and take one for the team. You can do it! It only hurts the first time…..running out of aphorisms here……

Let me know if you want to be nominated and I will direct traffic to your blog. 🙂

Q&A at #Goodreads?

Been thinking about doing an author Q&A at Goodreads along with the giveaway next month. Would any of you be willing to show up and ask questions so I don’t talk to myself? LOL

And thank you again and again for all the support! Keep getting the word out about The Bird Day Battalion! Thanksgiving is only a week away!

And by the way? Jay Ryan? Besides being mega HAWT, he’s almost exactly how I pictured Tommy Gates writing him in First, I Love You only with green eyes. So the next time you read Tommy looking at someone through the fringes of his hair…say in Second of All…hint hint…here ya go:








Not watching Beauty and the Beast? You really should. And not just because Jay Ryan periodically takes his shirt off and is super buff and broody and dark and dangerous…mmnnnnn… but because it’s also a good police procedural.