Jay Ryan

You can Beast out on me anytime…

I’m not sure if Jay Ryan is contractually obligated to get shirtless in every episode of Beauty and the Beast or one of the writers just enjoys drooling over him as much as I do.

Thank you #naughty CW employees!!!!! LOL












And because I feel guilty about my male heterosexual blog followers here’s some Penelope:

Penelope Cruz


Something for you to Gobble gobble:

Ooooohhh you thought I was going to put up some Man Candy didn’t you? You mean like this?





















































Oh you prefer women? Sorry


There ya go!


PS—yes Liebster later, lubbers…

Q&A at #Goodreads?

Been thinking about doing an author Q&A at Goodreads along with the giveaway next month. Would any of you be willing to show up and ask questions so I don’t talk to myself? LOL

And thank you again and again for all the support! Keep getting the word out about The Bird Day Battalion! Thanksgiving is only a week away!

And by the way? Jay Ryan? Besides being mega HAWT, he’s almost exactly how I pictured Tommy Gates writing him in First, I Love You only with green eyes. So the next time you read Tommy looking at someone through the fringes of his hair…say in Second of All…hint hint…here ya go:








Not watching Beauty and the Beast? You really should. And not just because Jay Ryan periodically takes his shirt off and is super buff and broody and dark and dangerous…mmnnnnn… but because it’s also a good police procedural.