Liebster mien cupcake

I was nominated for this Liebster blog award thingy by Penelope Jones, aka Bad Penny, aka Sweet P, aka Maude (what I am now calling her in my mind now that I know her name isn’t actually Penelope but have no real name to call her. I will also picture her vacuuming her carpets wearing pearls, high heels, and a martini in her free hand. *shrug* It’s a free country.)

Anyhoo, I answer eleven questions, tell eleven random facts about myself then nominate eleven blogs to do the same. Trouble is, I am not sure I know eleven bloggers who would like to participate.

BEHOLD, a post in which I warn you, I may nominate unwilling people unless some of you bravely throw yourself under the bus and take one for the team. You can do it! It only hurts the first time…..running out of aphorisms here……

Let me know if you want to be nominated and I will direct traffic to your blog. 🙂


  1. Maude…I love it. And Cupcake…you break all the rules you want. 😀 Bad Penny gives you permission. And I’ll take your spankings for ya. heh


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