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Author’s Note: Contains both shorts The Bird Day Battalion and The V-Day Aversion as well as the full length novel The Good Life.

Genre: Contemporary Romance> Romantic Comedy.

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“The Good Life”


Detective Kyle Anderson is a man of simple tastes and reasonably low expectations. Give him a juicy steak and no homicides, and he’d call it good. When his sister Katelyn got engaged to his best friend Dominic, he’d figured the worst of the unnecessary drama in his life was over. But that was before Dom’s free-spirited, twig-eating, exasperating sister Demetria came back to Nebraska and completely hijacked the planning of the wedding, starting with inviting Dom’s ex-wife Isabel. Now Kate’s so determined to prove Isabel is up to no good that she insists Kyle date her to keep her away from Dom. Soon Kyle is so knee deep in Anderson-Valentini dramatics, he’s thinking of changing his name and moving to Tibet. If he could just get Demi the impossibly sexy granola-flake off his mind long enough to do it…



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The following are two excerpts from the novel,

one you can listen to, and one you can read:

Excerpt #2:

“I can’t stay with you!”

“Why not? It’s not like we didn’t start the evening in bed together. All joking aside, I’m not in the habit of molesting my girlfriends while they sleep.”

“Kyle! That’s not—Err…” Demi growled, flailing her hands as she paced. “How—I mean why—I just…” she stopped and drew in a large breath. “How did you go from thinking I’m an idiot to deciding to hound me for a relationship?”

“Correction, I have never thought you’re an idiot. I think you are the farthest thing from an idiot. You are an intelligent, successful woman with an incomprehensible hatred of bacon who occasionally pretends to be a flake. Hence the nickname granola-flake. Which is way worse than actually being an idiot.”

She huffed.

“That’s my point though. Underneath all this,” she waved her hands again. “…is still that undercurrent of disapproval from you.”

“So change my mind. You’ve already proved me wrong on one major thing. I’m more open minded than you give me credit for. You seem determined to still see me as a narrow-minded bigot. This is a two-way street, woman,” Kyle growled.

“What was that one thing?” she asked, blinking in consternation.

“Let’s put it this way… I can tell when a woman hasn’t had a lot of sexual experience. Either that or you have shitty ass taste in men who are selfish in bed. But you deliberately cultivate this flower child, free love, come-and-get-it, sex goddess persona.”

Her mouth worked for several seconds. “I have too had a lot of sex!” She cringed and looked side to side, then spoke in a lower tone, “I mean, not a lot…but plenty.” Of course, most of it had been in the same calendar year, but he didn’t need to know that.

“So shitty taste, then,” he shrugged. “Alright, fine. Mystery solved.”

“Uh,” she huffed. “What’s that say about you?”

“Nothing, since I picked you.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did. I am currently the only person in this relationship who’s done any conscious picking.”

“We are not in a relationship!”

“Says who?”

“You are a maddening man…” she replied, utterly flabbergasted. “It takes two people to be in a relationship. You can’t just wake up one morning and decide you’re going to be with someone.”

“Sure you can. Technically speaking, it was you who made the first move.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“I guess that’s just how us Andersons roll. When we decide to do something, or change our minds about something and go in a different direction we just…” Kyle skipped his hands together, making a clapping sound, “…do it. Some, like Kate, take forever to get to that decision, but there’s no hesitancy on the course of action once the decision’s been made.”

Demi narrowed her eyes, mouth slightly parted. “You wouldn’t be saying that if you’d participated in any of the wedding planning with her.”

“That has never been about doubting her decision to marry Dominic and everything about Kate’s bad habit of trying to please everyone even knowing it is simply not possible to please everyone at the same time,” he said, then stood up and grabbed her again, scooping her off her feet.

She gasped and reflexively grabbed his shoulders. He sat back down on the chair and tucked her head with his again.

She sighed with a sudden realization, “You’re just trying to distract me, aren’t you?”

He smiled at her, “Maybe. A little bit.”

She reached up and gently traced his swollen lip again then laid her head back against his shoulder.

“That’s what boyfriends do,” he continued.

She laughed and smacked his chest, “Are not.”

“She says while sitting on my lap… hours after having exchanged bodily fluids—”

“Stop!” she laughed and smacked him again.

He chuckled and squeezed her.

“Thank you,” she whispered after a moment.

He answered with another kiss to her head. She was willing to admit the ‘solid, dependable type’ did have its benefits.

She sighed and squeezed him back. “You’re a good man, Kyle Anderson.”

“Eh, I’m alright,” Kyle kissed her again. “I just wanted to let you know… I mean, I try to ease my girlfriends into this, but… my family’s sort of insane. Just so you know.”

She laughed so hard she started crying, and that seemed so silly that it made her laugh some more. He rocked her a bit and it wasn’t long before she dozed off again, held tight in his arms.

–The Good Life © 2014 by Genevieve Dewey, All Rights Reserved.

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A little About the Author (Me!):

Genevieve lives in Nebraska with her husband and three children. She has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology and a passion for reading, writing, and research. Her favorite subjects are organized crime, anthropology, and Chicago where her family is from (she still hasn’t quite forgiven them for leaving). Her books include:

The Downey Trilogy

First, I Love You

Second of All

Third Time’s The Charm

Dom & Kate

The Bird Day Battalion

The V-Day Aversion

The Good Life


Feel free to connect with me online:

Twitter: @GenevieveDewey

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Here’s a peek at the characters from The Good Life (coming soon!)…

So, sometimes as a writer you see models or actors who remind you of the characters you have in your head. Here are some who remind me of the characters from the Dom & Kate romances. I hope their agents don’t sue me, that would be sad for them as I’m very poor. ;p

dom4 Dominic Valentini, football coach and PE instructor, former professional football player, loves socializing, sports of all varieties, doing anything with an element of danger, and everything about Kate Anderson. Mama’s boy with a bit of a temper.


 kate Katelyn Anderson, archaeologist, works part-time for the Midwest Archaeological Center, and part-time for the Nebraska State Museum. Homebody, loves reading, museums, science specials on TV, and running. The family pacifist and people pleaser, she avoids confrontation “the way everyone else avoids paying taxes”.


demi Demetria Valentini, outspoken vegetarian who makes occasional exceptions for cheese and eggs, pagan gift shop owner, created her own body-care line, prides herself on being a professional free-spirit. Loves Star Wars, hiking, and provoking reactions from people just for fun.


kyleKyle Anderson, police detective, moderately conservative Catholic, loves bacon, dark beer, hockey, and no drama. Especially no drama. One of five siblings from a family that’s “made an Olympic sport out of having children” as his partner Tommy says. More outgoing than his twin sister, Kate Anderson, but leagues less adventurous than his best friend Dom Valentini.


Read how Dom & Kate got together in these FREE short romances:

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Can’t get enough of The Downeys? #ASMSG

Did you know? You can read some facts about the characters in the Downey-verse that may or may not be revealed in the books at the page to the right called:

More about The Downey Trilogy.

This week (knock wood) I hope to add a few more characters, including ones from the Bird Day Battalion who are tangentially related in that Kyle Anderson (Katelyn’s twin brother) was Tommy’s partner at the Omaha Police Department.

In addition, the wonderful ladies at the Five Star Series group at Goodreads made a whole thread about First, I Love You  which is a really huge honor to me and I didn’t even ask them to do it! There (hopefully!!) you can talk about your favorite parts of the book to give their group members an idea of what it’s about. The more people that talk about the book the better. Heck, I’d even welcome complaints. Well… gentle complaints. LOL I just would love to not be talking to myself.

I’ve also requested reviews from some lovely ladies who run lovely fiction reviewing blogs so that means over the course of the next several months I can get some reviews for First, I love You from perfect strangers, which I hope in turn means readership and reviews for Second of All. Well… assuming they don’t just lobster hate it. But nobody has hated it yet. Even the ones not related to me. Har har.

Speaking of which, THANK YOU very, very, very much to those who have taken the time to rate or review any of my books! You are all made of awesomesauce.

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Ok, so I wrote the above post and today I get a random one star (with no review attached) for First, I Love You at Apple. Absolutely no one has given it less than four stars so far, but there is a first time for everything and not everyone likes the same things. So I need to ammend the statement above to say apparently there is someone who lobster hates it. Ha! I’m cool with that.


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Merry Christmas Eve Day (actually Merry Christmas to some of you!)

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A couple of important things coming this week! #ASMSG

Other than my middle son’s 7th birthday and the possible end of the world… naw I’m kidding.


1. Starting Tuesday, December 18th until Thursday, December 20th, the Kindle version of First, I Love You will be ON SALE for only $.99!!! I’ll be tweeting like a fiend on those days promoting it. Your help would be appreciated but most importantly I hope to have your patience as I slightly spam your Twitter and Facebook feeds. 😛

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4. We are also only two weeks away from the launch of Second of All. SO, after I get the FILY books in the mail I will start a Giveaway for Second of All only with a LOT more copies so I could use some help getting the word out to make such a giveaway successful. I will also start a Q&A on the Downey Trilogy after the release. Such things only work if I’m not talking to myself. *hint hint* *wink wink*

And in conclusion, a shout out to my super fantastic husband who got me these super swell planners to keep track of all these different projects AND my writing. He’s so… just really… wonderful. It must get exhausting dealing with my cluttered mind, but I called him when he was on a trip and I babbled and babbled and babbled about “and I need this and I need that and I just don’t know how to do this and that” and whine, whine, whine… and somehow he was able to translate this into normal people language and bring me home the EXACT thing I needed when I was sure such a thing didn’t exist.



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