Iron Writer Challenge

My #FlashFiction “Waiting for Giraffe” is up at The Iron Writer!

Hey guys! In case you hadn’t heard yesterday, Iron Writer Challenge Four is up. You can read our four¬†stories here: Then please vote for which one you liked best! (No, it doesn’t have to be mine. ūüėČ )

Then, maybe have a poke around the website and consider joining us for the Iron Writer Challenge. It is TONS of fun and you don’t have to be an author or writer or a member of ASMSG to participate!




Bringing Spring in with a bang! #ASMSG |

Ok, so this Thursday (why does everything always seem to happen on a Thursday?) there are four things I’d like to share with you and none of them are the Spring Equinox. ;P

1) As previously posted I’ll be putting up a post in the morning with the cover of Milly Taiden’s newest romance Wolf Protector. YAY! Also, if you get a chance, pop on over to her website and help her get her likes back that Facebook stole from her. I cherish each and every one of my meager 368 likes, I can only imagine how mad I’d be losing the numbers she had.

2) My little bit of Flash Fiction (500 words!) will go live at The Iron Writer challenge. I’ll remind you Thursday (meaning bug you) to please, pretty please, with sugar on top, go there and vote. You don’t have to vote for mine.

3) If you live near Cozad, NE I’ll be “teaching” a free class at 9:30, Noon, and 2:30 at the Cozad¬†Development Corporation on using Social Media to help grow your business. Obviously, I am not an expert on that subject; I will just be sharing my experiences using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so forth to engage with people. My aim is to make it seem less daunting to those who are completely new to it. And it really isn’t scary. It’s fun! Right? ūüėČ

4) In the evening in Kearney, NE I’ll be having another author signing at Studio 3 Art Studio. Why at an art studio? My good friend and artist Pat Jones will be having an Open House there and we’d both love to have you trickle in and out and just hang with us from 7-9pm!

5) I am going to be making a new cover for First, I Love You. I’m already¬†kicking around some ideas¬†with some fabulous people, but I am thinking of making a poll so you, the readers, can weigh in as well.¬†For instance,¬†should the cover have something with Chicago on it like it did before? Something with a person (like Kiki’s silhouette)? The letters Mickey Downey wrote that the title is from? So forth…

6) I hope you have a fantastic week!

Iron Writer Challenge: My kung fu is mighty!

Today I got my Iron Writer Challenge 4 items. Oh this is going to be fun! Fun, fun, fun!

I now have three days to write a short piece of fiction about: A giraffe, a microwave, an elevator and a kumquat. All of our stories will be posted for your voting pleasure next Thursday!

Now, no naughtiness can be had, so ye of the dirty minds can get the thought of me writing any elevator and kumquat scenes right out of your head! LOL

The Challenge is open to anyone with a creative brain, you don’t have to be in ASMSG, you don’t have to be a “writer” or “author” or any other such [insert title here]. ASMSG Iron Writer Coordinator Brian explains the rules here.¬† It’s just a fun contest¬†us writers are having, because we are both weird and awesome. Weirsome.

Come JOIN us if you feel a little bit weirsome, too!