Iron Writer Challenge: My kung fu is mighty!

Today I got my Iron Writer Challenge 4 items. Oh this is going to be fun! Fun, fun, fun!

I now have three days to write a short piece of fiction about: A giraffe, a microwave, an elevator and a kumquat. All of our stories will be posted for your voting pleasure next Thursday!

Now, no naughtiness can be had, so ye of the dirty minds can get the thought of me writing any elevator and kumquat scenes right out of your head! LOL

The Challenge is open to anyone with a creative brain, you don’t have to be in ASMSG, you don’t have to be a “writer” or “author” or any other such [insert title here]. ASMSG Iron Writer Coordinator Brian explains the rules here.  It’s just a fun contest us writers are having, because we are both weird and awesome. Weirsome.

Come JOIN us if you feel a little bit weirsome, too!


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