Can’t get enough of The Downeys? #ASMSG

Did you know? You can read some facts about the characters in the Downey-verse that may or may not be revealed in the books at the page to the right called:

More about The Downey Trilogy.

This week (knock wood) I hope to add a few more characters, including ones from the Bird Day Battalion who are tangentially related in that Kyle Anderson (Katelyn’s twin brother) was Tommy’s partner at the Omaha Police Department.

In addition, the wonderful ladies at the Five Star Series group at Goodreads made a whole thread about First, I Love You  which is a really huge honor to me and I didn’t even ask them to do it! There (hopefully!!) you can talk about your favorite parts of the book to give their group members an idea of what it’s about. The more people that talk about the book the better. Heck, I’d even welcome complaints. Well… gentle complaints. LOL I just would love to not be talking to myself.

I’ve also requested reviews from some lovely ladies who run lovely fiction reviewing blogs so that means over the course of the next several months I can get some reviews for First, I love You from perfect strangers, which I hope in turn means readership and reviews for Second of All. Well… assuming they don’t just lobster hate it. But nobody has hated it yet. Even the ones not related to me. Har har.

Speaking of which, THANK YOU very, very, very much to those who have taken the time to rate or review any of my books! You are all made of awesomesauce.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

And as always,

‘I wish you enough’.


Ok, so I wrote the above post and today I get a random one star (with no review attached) for First, I Love You at Apple. Absolutely no one has given it less than four stars so far, but there is a first time for everything and not everyone likes the same things. So I need to ammend the statement above to say apparently there is someone who lobster hates it. Ha! I’m cool with that.


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