Pssst!!! Guess what I just put up on Goodreads? Excited yet?

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Please Vote for First, I Love You at Goodreads!

First, I Love You is on a few Listopia lists, but one in which I would love for you to vote in is

Best Indie Books to Read in 2012

Just scroll down the list until you see First, I Love You by Genevieve Dewey.

Thank you as always for your support!


PS THANK YOU for getting First I Love You to #26 on Best Unknown Books That Must Be Known!! You all rock!

It’s a Holiday Giveaway! Sign up to win a copy of First, I Love You

Yep, I set up another giveaway at Goodreads and it’s set to close on December 20th, just in time for the holidays, and JUST in time for the release of Second of All in January!

Are you excited?

I’m excited.

Nervous, anxious, slightly nauseous, but mostly… excited.


Enter to win———->

Vote for me! Vote for me!

Hey guys did you know that Goodreads has this category of Best Unknown Books that must be Known?

Please vote for First, I Love You! ā¤

Pretty please, sugar and frosting on top.

Smooches, Gen.

Q&A at #Goodreads?

Been thinking about doing an authorĀ Q&A at Goodreads along with the giveaway next month. Would any of you be willing to show up and ask questions so I don’t talk to myself? LOL

And thank you again and again for all the support! Keep getting the word out about The Bird Day Battalion! Thanksgiving is only a week away!

And by the way? Jay Ryan? Besides being mega HAWT, he’s almost exactly how I pictured Tommy Gates writing him in First, I Love You only with green eyes. So the next time you read Tommy looking at someone through the fringes of his hair…say in Second of All…hint hint…here ya go:








Not watching Beauty and the Beast? You really should. And not just because Jay Ryan periodically takes his shirt off and is super buff and broody and dark and dangerous…mmnnnnn… but because it’s also a good police procedural.


First, I Love You at #Goodreads

Hey guys, I’m thinking of doing another Goodreads Giveaway of First, I Love YouĀ prior to the release of Second of All. If you’ve read it, or intend to read it why not add it to your Goodreads read/to Read list?

This and That

Ok so the Goodreads Giveaway has closed and I’ll be getting some of these books out to the winners as well as those who’ve written me for signed copies. (Didn’t know you could do that? Why, sure! Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter)

I really hope the winners enjoy, not just as an author, but perhaps they’ll write a review that will help other readers decide to take a chance on a new author, seeingĀ as I don’t know them from Adam. NotĀ to sound *too* cocky but how can you not love The Downeys? Ah… now I’ve got to knock wood. Any volunteers? LOL

Anyhoo, I want to thank those of you who have been helping me spread the word about The Bird Day Battalion short romance story! Without it being on Amazon’s KDP I can’t list it on most Free Book Promotion websites, as of course, it is not free at Amazon. BUT if you can help spread the word I think it will “sell” itself so to speak since it is free. Who doesn’t love FREE ROMANCE? I mean, come on?

So, lend it, talk about it, review it, recommend it. And I *hope* to do another holiday romance for you around Valentines Day. Because I love you guys, I really do!

I hope to post again later, this time with maybe a sneak peek at Second of All.