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YAY another guest interview with my dear friend Penelope Jones, aka Bad Penny, aka Sweet P. You can find her blog here: The very Bad Penny   I invited her here to talk a bit about her new shorts The Babysitter Extraordinaire and The Exception, as well as the REBIRTH of the fabulous Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath, the sequel to Iniquitous Solace, a book she co-wrote with Max but is sadly out of print.

Gen: Hi Penny! Thank you for taking the time to tell us about what’s new in your corner of the famous (or should I say infamous) #Naughtycouch!

Bad Penny: Hi ya, gorgeous friend of mine. I’m thrilled to have our sections of the #naughtycouch catch up! *giggles*

Gen: Me too! We seem to be knee-deep in book writing! All work and no play makes for a cranky Cupcake. *wink*

SO, let’s start with this poetry book of yours, Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath, can you tell us a little bit about the premise?

Penny:  I never expected actually to write “The Aftermath”, however, with everything in life, things change, and “Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath” was born.  The premise? Well… I think I want any girl or boy, man or woman who reads my poetry to feel like they’re watching a romantic story unfold, and although it didn’t end the way many hoped it would;  that maybe one day happily ever after is around the corner for us all.

Gen: I am, as you know, hopelessly addicted to the Happy Ever After (…after some suffering)

*Penny chuckles*

Gen: You know I always ask you to rate for my blog followers, on a scale of naughty to cupcake how would you rate it?

Penny: Honestly after evaluating the book, the parts that are naughty are very naughty, but they are probably only 25% of the book, so I would say that it’s cupcake with a super-size of naughty. *winks*

Gen: What made you decide to write it?

Penny: Oh, Genevieve Dewey— If I knew your middle name I’d call you by it right now. *cringes* That’s a very hard question to answer and continue my high road of excellence, *giggles* but I’ll try!

Gen: It’s not a visit to Cupcake’s corner of the couch without me surprising you with an awkward and painful question… you know you like it. *giggle*

Penny: *Giving Gen the side-eye* My original Iniquitous Solace poetry book was unpublished by my co-author. It was my idea, my creation, my creative juices that were poured into that book. So, while I was very sad my book was unpublished and very angry with the way things went down… I can’t say that it wasn’t for the best, for all involved!

Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath is for all those that believe in love, know that it isn’t perfect, and still want to champion for it.

The AftermathCoverRed1

Gen: You have a promotion for your brand new short story, the Babysitter Extraordinaire, that just started yesterday, how long will it be free and where can we get a copy?

Penny: Oh… I’m glad you finally asked. I’ve been bursting at the seams over here. *giggles* Pink was about to explode onto the #Naughtycouch!

*Gen snorts*

Penny: The Babysitter Extraordinaire  is a brand new short BDSM fantasy that I’ve decided to share with the world for free until May 28th, 2013.  Anywhere #Amazon is available is where you can find it, but for easy access, here is the US, UK, and Canada links. *grins*


Gen: Ahem, and the rating?

Penny: I give it a full Naughty rating with only a little cupcake!  Also you can find a sneak peek at my novel, “The Beautiful Catastrophe”!  What more could you ask for when it’s free? *laughs*

Gen: Ooohhh! That alone would be worth it at full price. Of course, you know I already downloaded it. I love your stories! Speaking of short stories, recently you released one called The Exception, can you tell us a little about it?

Penny: Funny you ask, I find that the first thing I blurt out when asked about it is … “Oh, that’s my vampire smut.”  But really it’s more than that.  I do not like to brag, but recently someone told me that I had a knack for building an entire story, complete with emotions, and throw in some amazing sex.  I write to grab your heart, and hope your down yonder parts appreciate me too. *giggles*

Doyle tells Allyce he’s a vampire and is now faced with hunting her down, and delivering “The Exception: an eternal kiss”  in Amazon stores nearest you or Smashwords!


Gen: On a scale of naughty to cupcake how would you rate it?

Penny: I would say it’s not super naughty… it’s romantic, and most of my readers are true hardcore erotica fans, and they mentioned it was quite smushy romantic. *laughs*

Gen: Ok, about your novel (The Beautiful Catastrophe) in the works, can you tell us a bit about the premise?

Penny:  Well… most of it’s in the free promotion I’m giving away this weekend, but here’s a short version! *winks*

Catastrophe had never given into her attraction to men; actually, she never even thought of them that way, until Slade E. Masters bumped into her life, literally. In fact, she spent her entire adolescent years and adult life buried in learning how to take over her father’s business, Morgan Inc., Limo Service to the rich and famous.  Her father, Oscar Morgan, had spent his entire life trying to make sure she stayed grounded, and knew nothing was handed to her on a silver platter… and men were always after something.

Mr. Masters hired  Morgan Inc. to drive him around on business but that wasn’t the only driving force between the couple. Strophe’s life was turned upside down the moment she met Mr. E, and then tragedy struck in the same place twice, and no one was sure where to turn next…

Look for it this fall! *crossing fingers and toes*

Gen: Ugh! I seriously cannot wait! I super love when you get all smushy and you’ve told me there’s smushy in this one. But, of course, the naughty scale?

Penny:  I’m going to give this a number… the sweet, smushy, romance totally outweighs the naughty factor, so I’d say it’s a 7!

Gen: Ok,  a few fun questions, just because. If you could pick a flower to represent you what would it be?

Penny: The Gerbera Daisy!  It’s my favorite flower, and it comes in so many different shades of colors. There are many layers of petals before you arrive at the center of the flower… just like me! *grins and winks*

Gen: If you could have a dream date, what would it entail?

Penny:  Something completely from my date’s imagination! I’m really NOT high maintenance, but I think imagination and originality count for everything. So if he or she is imaginative and original, I’m betting that would be my next favorite dream date!

Gen: What is your favorite adjective/adverb, and the one you hate most?

Penny: My favorite adverb/adjective is Poppycock! I’ve found over the years that word has saved many people from getting “the beat down”!


My least favorite would be the words gay or retarded. Words that were meant to classify certain types of people have been turned into dirty words.  Something isn’t retarded nor can something be gay.  Nor should it be considered derogatory to be referenced as either term.  People, wise up… it’s horrible to use those terms in a derogatory fashion… Shame on you! Stop it!

Gen: *whispers, I love it when you get feisty* Ahem, What is one of your fondest hopes for the remainder of the year?

Penny: I can’t wait to see my novel come to life on page and kindle… and who knows— maybe happily ever after is just around the corner!

Gen: Ya never know!

Penny: Thanks, Gen, for having me. *snuggles Gen tight* Oh… I heard from a little birdie that the next  7 days your book babies will be visiting my blog! I can’t wait. I lovers you long time!!!

Gen: I know! I’m so excited and it means the world to me that you’re participating in the Blog Tour for my Downey babies. Thank you, Sweet P, for coming and visiting me! I always love having you! *hugs*

That’s it for today folks!

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