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The following character descriptions are what you see under the tab “More About The Downey Series“.

Are there any characters you would like to know more about?

PLEASE let me know! I love hearing from my fans!


If you haven’t read my short stories, it may surprise you to know that both Tommy and Mickey are mentioned in Bird Day Battalion. One of the characters in The Bird Day Battalion  and The V-Day Aversion (Kyle Anderson) is briefly mentioned at the end of First, I Love You and shows up again at the end of Second of All.


Detective Thomas Michael Gates (Tommy)

Tommy played hockey for the Omaha AAA Lancers U18 team. After high school, he took courses in Criminal Justice from Metro Community College before entering the Omaha Police Academy. He achieved the rank of Detective shortly before joining the joint task force human trafficking case and is currently one of the youngest Detectives to serve on the OPD. He spent almost six years of his early childhood in the Witness Protection Program, and often jokes (to the select handful of people he actually trusts) he felt more free to be his real self in his fake life than he does living his real life. He used to spend hours imagining scenarios in which he would meet his real family…until one day, he did.

DEA Special Agent James Edgar Hoffman (James)

James has two sisters, both older than him and both work for the FBI. Stephanie, the oldest, is married, has two children, and is a Field Agent in the Chicago Division. Christie is a single workaholic and works at Quantico as a profiler. James’s father (Christopher) is a retired FBI agent who worked in Counter-Terrorism and James’s mother (Leila), a Moroccan by birth, is a proud stay at home mom. James prides himself on being the only member of the Hoffman family to choose the DEA over the FBI. He’s very liberal in his views and lifestyle compared to his very conservative parents. He has three obsessions; baseball, fast cars, and Kiki Downey.

Katherine Anastasia Downey (Kiki)

Kiki only had one steady boyfriend (Tony Luchese) before James, and that was at the age of 16, shortly before moving to Chicago from Brooklyn. Tony was 19 at the time and got arrested for fencing stolen property on the night he was supposed to take her to the school dance. After that, Kiki promised herself she’d never date another ‘neighborhood’ guy again and has only had brief ‘hookups’ with guys ever since. Kiki’s mother, Theresa Anastasio, named her after her own mother Katarina Bonanno. Kiki’s father, Mickey Downey, deliberately refused to call her anything but Kiki for the sheer pleasure it gave him to annoy his wife’s family.

Mary Elizabeth Gates (Mary)

Mary was born and raised in Massachusetts in a small blue-collar town near Boston. She is the youngest of seven children and has always had a contentious relationship with her parents due to her lofty dreams of becoming a famous singer. Her mother Elizabeth Gates was a stay at home mom who ran a daycare from her home. Her father, Thomas Gates, was a factory worker and a devout Catholic insisting that at least one of his seven children join the church. When it looked like this might fall on Mary’s shoulders she left home to stay with an older cousin (for which her mother and her father disowned her) and moved to Brooklyn on her 19th birthday to ‘make it big’. She met Mickey Downey only four months later and had her only son Tommy shortly after turning 20. She only recently repaired her relationship with her birth family and visits them once a year, though she was never able to make peace with her parents who died while she was in the Witness Protection Program.

Michael Liam Downey (Mickey)

Mickey is the son of Pauli and Maeve (O’Malley) Downey. His mother is from Ireland and his father was a Brooklyn born half Irish, half Italian, bookmaker and hired gun for Two Fingers Luciano (part of Giovanni “Big Joe” Anastasio’s crew). Mickey’s Sicilian born Nonna Rosa never did quite forgive her son for marrying another Irish girl instead of a nice Italian girl from one of the ‘families’. When Mickey chose to work for Big Joe after his father died and eventually court his daughter Theresa, his Nonna Rosa declared it her final victory over Mickey’s mother Maeve. The story goes, in the old neighborhood, that Maeve was said to utter a curse on Rosa before moving back to Ireland in protest because the next day Rosa died in the confessional before getting to see her grandson marry into one of the wealthiest and most powerful Italian families in New York. Mickey’s superior illicit skills at making money for his boss, as well as his ability to neutralize his enemies without even lifting a finger, earned him the spot of Big Joe Anastasio’s right hand man by the time he was 30.  [Click here for Mickey’s Family Tree!]

FBI Special Agent Eugenia Elaine Sommers (Ginny)

Ginny is the only child of David Sommers and Cynthia Peabody-Sommers. David builds custom handcrafted boats for a select clientele and Cynthia recently retired as Professor Emeritus at Georgetown University in Women’s Studies. Ginny’s parents were both in their 40’s before they decided to have a child. When growing up Ginny spent a majority of her time around adults at her mother’s office, where, out of sheer boredom, she began her favorite hobby of keeping scads of journals detailing her observations while people watching. Even though Ginny loves studying and observing people, having dual majored in Anthropology and Criminal Justice, she has always been socially awkward and shy in group situations. When she is alone with close friends she is actually quite daring and gregarious … except around Tommy Gates.

Giovanni Michael Downey (Joey)

Joe is currently in the ROTC program at a prestigious military academy in Virginia. He has wanted to have a career in the Air Force ever since his father Mickey Downey took him to the National Air and Space Museum at the age of 7. He’s quite proud of both sides of his family but has no intention of following in any of their footsteps. Because his father divorced Joe’s mother, Theresa Anastasio, before he had even turned one, Joe has always had a more distant relationship with his mother than Kiki but is quite close with his Bonanno and Anastasio cousins. Unlike Kiki, Joe has a very outgoing and commanding personality. However, like Kiki, he idolizes his father. It took Joe longer to accept Tommy into their lives than it did Kiki but now they are very close.

Theresa Francesca Anastasio (Theresa)

Theresa is the only child of Giovanni ‘Big Joe’ Anastasio and Katarina Bonanno. Her mother, deprived of a son because of an emergency hysterectomy, doted upon her nephew Frank and treated him as if he were her own. Theresa and Frank Bonanno grew up more like siblings than cousins and are still extremely close. Theresa knew of Mickey Downey her entire life, as they grew up with many of the same cohorts, but they did not become friends until after high school.  When Theresa realized her father was grooming Mickey for his successor rather than her cousin Frank she began making overtures towards Mickey, hoping to curry further favor with her father and reduce tension between Frank and her friend Mickey. They had an on again off again relationship until her father put his foot down and insisted Mickey marry Theresa. Although Theresa had planned to accept an internship at a prestigious fashion company in Paris, she found it the expedient thing to do to comply with her father’s wishes. After Mickey divorced Theresa less than a year after her father’s death and took the children from her, Theresa attempted to make things work in New York, but found the sympathetic looks she would receive too suffocating to take and moved to Paris a few years later.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Jack Clarence Underwood (“Uncle” Jack)

Jack Underwood grew up in New York and attended NYU where he met his wife Claire Anderson who was there on scholarship. When Jack asked Claire to marry him after he made Special Agent they settled in Brooklyn where Claire met and befriended a young Mary Gates. At the time Jack was an up and coming and very ambitious agent in Organized Crime. He had just been given the case of Mickey Downey and his boss Giovanni “Big Joe” Anastasio when his wife mentioned her new friend was dating Downey. Jack pressed hard for Mary to help the Bureau even though he felt bad about using his wife’s young friend, because he felt she would be able to do what no one had done before and flip Downey. After the trial ended in a mistrial Jack felt it was his responsibility to look after Mary and her young son Tommy because he felt guilty for putting them at risk in the first place. Jack and Claire have always though of Mary like a little sister, and never having been blessed with children due to the chemotherapy Claire had to undergo, they doted on Tommy as their honorary nephew. When Downey retired to Chicago, Jack put in for a transfer to the Chicago branch so he could keep an eye on ‘the one that got away’.

Maeve O’Malley Downey

Maeve O’Malley is the daughter of Seamus O’Malley and Aislyn McLaughlin. She was raised on an Island off the west coast of Ireland called Achill Island. When she was a teen she was sent to live with her aunt’s family in Galway to care for an elderly relative. Maeve was only eighteen when she met Pauli Downey in Boston. The summer before she was due to go to University in Galway her aunt arranged for her to have a tour of America (one of Maeve’s fondest dreams). The first stop on Maeve’s tour was to deliver a package to her McLaughlin relatives in Charlestown then spend a week with her O’Malley cousins. It was in Boston where she met Pauli Downey (there on business for Giovanni Anastasio). The two fell madly in love and instead of attending University as planned, Maeve moved to Brooklyn with Pauli. Pauli’s mother Rosa Bruno Downey hated Maeve from the get-go because she had hoped her son would marry an Italian girl. The Downey side celebrated the match because it only strengthened their ties to “a certain kind of business”. After Pauli’s death, Maeve couldn’t wait to return to her family in Ireland and only waited until her daughters were off to college (thanks to Mickey) to do so. Self-described as “not the maternal type”, she none-the-less is very protective of her children. At a sprightly 76, she is considered the Matriarch of the “business end” of Downey, O’Malley and McLaughlin clans. She lives on Achill Island and cares for her elderly father.

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♥ James & Kiki ♥ (Second of All)


♥ Tommy & Ginny ♥ (Second of All)


“This was like discovering your vanilla cupcake had a chocolate fudge center.”

“This was like discovering your vanilla cupcake had a chocolate fudge center.” — Tommy Gates (First, I Love You)




I’m writing… and editing… and writing… and starting all over… and writing… and so forth. In the mean time: You could read First, I Love You or talk about First, I Love You here, or if you’re ready for some tasty Tommy & Ginny you can start on Second of All. And good news NOOK fans! I’ve been told B&N is just backlogged right now and it should be up soonish. (I know, finally, right?)


Have a fabulous day!

Can’t get enough of The Downeys? #ASMSG

Did you know? You can read some facts about the characters in the Downey-verse that may or may not be revealed in the books at the page to the right called:

More about The Downey Trilogy.

This week (knock wood) I hope to add a few more characters, including ones from the Bird Day Battalion who are tangentially related in that Kyle Anderson (Katelyn’s twin brother) was Tommy’s partner at the Omaha Police Department.

In addition, the wonderful ladies at the Five Star Series group at Goodreads made a whole thread about First, I Love You  which is a really huge honor to me and I didn’t even ask them to do it! There (hopefully!!) you can talk about your favorite parts of the book to give their group members an idea of what it’s about. The more people that talk about the book the better. Heck, I’d even welcome complaints. Well… gentle complaints. LOL I just would love to not be talking to myself.

I’ve also requested reviews from some lovely ladies who run lovely fiction reviewing blogs so that means over the course of the next several months I can get some reviews for First, I love You from perfect strangers, which I hope in turn means readership and reviews for Second of All. Well… assuming they don’t just lobster hate it. But nobody has hated it yet. Even the ones not related to me. Har har.

Speaking of which, THANK YOU very, very, very much to those who have taken the time to rate or review any of my books! You are all made of awesomesauce.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

And as always,

‘I wish you enough’.


Ok, so I wrote the above post and today I get a random one star (with no review attached) for First, I Love You at Apple. Absolutely no one has given it less than four stars so far, but there is a first time for everything and not everyone likes the same things. So I need to ammend the statement above to say apparently there is someone who lobster hates it. Ha! I’m cool with that.


For a special treat an extra long excerpt from Second of All!

From:  Second of All, Copyright 2012 by Genevieve Dewey




Chapter Seventeen

Seven years ago



“Mmmn,” Mickey answered without taking his eyes from Mary. She was still fussing with Tommy’s hair while Tommy tried to dodge her fingers.

“Dad, can Carlo take me to go get an ice cream?”

Mickey looked down into Joey’s eyes, his young lips forming a pout and his body language all but screaming he didn’t want to be here. Mickey sighed. At least Joe had stopped running all over the Hotel lobby.

“We’re here so you can meet your brother for the first time. You can get an ice cream any other time.”

Joey sent a quick resentment filled look at Tommy who was teasing a furiously blushing Kiki about some boy-band she liked. Joey went over to a couch in the waiting area and flopped down, glaring at his dad. Mickey ignored it. After all, being a parent was about picking your battles and realizing you weren’t going to be their favorite person all the time.

“Well, I should get going,” Mary said to Tommy. “I’m sure your father can give you a ride home.”

Mickey’s gut clenched up, equal parts panic at her leaving and pleasure in hearing her not only refer to him as Tommy’s father but placing trust in him to bring Tommy home.

“No, you can stay, we don’t mind. Do we, children,” Mickey stated more than asked.

Tommy frowned and looked down at his sneakers again. Kiki was nodding her head up and down in affirmation. Joey shrugged and said nothing. Mary looked over and met Mickey’s eyes. Damn it all, why couldn’t he get her out of his head and heart already? What would it take? Mickey used to hope, no, delude himself that there was a chance with her, but now it was just up to him to stop loving her the way Mary had obviously stopped loving him. She smiled faintly and quickly then smoothed her slacks and turned back to Tommy.

“You don’t mind me leaving, do you, Tommy?”

Tommy shrugged, his hands back in his pockets and his previously relaxed stance replaced by the same cautious and guarded stance he had assumed in his kitchen the day before. Mary kissed him on the forehead then whispered something in his ear.

“It was nice meeting you, Mary. I hope we’ll meet again,” Kiki said softly.

Mickey’s heart squeezed a little at the longing he could detect in his princess’s voice. Maybe he had been wrong to keep her from her own mother but he hadn’t wanted Theresa to play any of her mind games with their children or to infect them with that poisonous way of thinking he himself had gotten caught up in. His children were going to have every option open to them, including and especially that good clean boring life he had always held in disdain.

Mary shook Kiki’s hand and waved at Joey, who smiled politely back. Then Mary glanced again towards Mickey. He wished he had a pause button for life that could freeze her right there. His gaze dropped to scan her body one last time and when they rose again to her face he could see her chin had jutted up and she had a challenging – but pleased! – glint in her eye.

Well, Mickey thought, his heart galloping, hope finally blossoms. He had made the first overt move the next would have to be hers. He had waited this long hadn’t he? Let the games begin. He smiled and raised his eyebrow. She colored and swiftly turned to exit the building.

“So,” Mickey cleared his throat when she had left. “Tommy, Joey was just wondering if we could go for some ice cream. Would you like that, sport?”

Mickey watched Tommy’s mouth purse and his eyes flash in annoyance at the endearment.

“Don’t call me that.”

Mickey was taken aback at the level of harshness in Tommy’s voice. He was here, at least. He was here, Mickey thought to himself. He let out what he hoped was a carefree laugh.

“Guess you’re too old for that nickname anymore, huh? Used to call you that back in Brooklyn—”

Mickey cut off as Tommy turned his back to him and faced Joe.

“What’d you have in mind, Joey?” Tommy asked.

Joey looked between Tommy and Mickey and narrowed his eyes at Tommy.

“You can call me Giovanni, since I guess you don’t like nicknames,” Joey answered with a bite to his tone. “I’m probably too old for them, too. I just turned nine, you know, last week. I thought about asking for a party at Coney Island, but it was important to my Dad that we came here for your graduation instead.”

Mickey looked at his youngest child, astonished at the level of venom in his voice and the maturity with which he spoke. Maybe Mickey had been spending a bit too much time in the office lately and Joey felt neglected. Joey hadn’t expressed any reservations about coming here before they had left and he had appeared to be enjoying himself just twenty minutes earlier. Where was all this anger coming from? Tommy turned sideways between them and looked uncertain. Then he shifted his feet and turned around some more to look at Kiki who smiled apologetically at him. Tommy stuffed his hands back in his pockets and looked at Mickey through the fringes of his hair.

“Ice cream sounds fine,” Tommy mumbled.

Mickey tried to smile encouragingly at both of his boys. He was worried it came out somewhat like a grimace.

“I – I like chocolate and caramel. What – what’s your favorite,” Kiki asked hesitantly then flushed beet red again. She came and stood next to Mickey, probably to accommodate Tommy’s viewpoint. She clasped her hands and smiled encouragingly as well. This sweet girl, Mickey thought. The picture of her mother and yet so completely opposite underneath.

Thank God.

“Vanilla with the works on top. And what’s your favorite flavor, little brovanni,” Tommy asked Joey then grinned at his own cheekiness.

Joey blinked and seemed to be struggling with the desire to smile. Petulance won out and he pointedly looked back at Mickey.

“Dad, afterwards can we go see Offutt Air Force Base?” Joey asked.

“Depends on the threat level for the day if they let visitors in,” Tommy interjected seemingly unperturbed by Joe’s rudeness. “But my Uncle Jack could probably get you in. He works for the FBI.”

Mickey had no doubt the last comment was meant as a jab at him but oddly, instead of feeling angry, he felt a little like chuckling. His boys were so much like him and yet such a blend of their mothers too. Mickey’s own prideful tenacity fused with Theresa’s combative loyalty in Joe and fused with Mary’s righteous willfulness in Tommy.

Joey’s gaze dropped from Mickey’s and slowly made its way to Tommy. For the first time, Joe looked intrigued.

“Ok, maybe,” Joe said with yet another shrug. “I’m going to be a pilot when I grow up.”

“I’m thinking of being a police officer or maybe even a Federal Agent like Uncle Jack. Something on the right side of the law,” Tommy said turning to look Mickey straight in the eye.

Mickey fought through the mixture of irritation and frustration at the intentional nature of the remark and instead focused again on the thought, at least he was here. Better yet, there was no fear in his boy’s eyes, nothing but challenge and determination. Mickey looked his oldest son in the eyes – his Great White Whale, so to speak – and smiled and nodded.

“If that’s what makes you happy,” Mickey said, and strangely… meant it.

“And – and maybe after we could go shopping,” Kiki shyly interjected, then rushed forward between all of them and stood in front of Tommy. “Daddy said I can’t wear the high heels I packed that mom gave me last birthday because I’m not old enough yet, even though I’m fourteen,” Kiki punctuated this babbling with a quick eye roll at her father. “So I need some new shoes to match my other outfits.”

Tommy frowned and raised one eyebrow. My boy, thought Mickey, about to burst his buttons in pride.

“Why do you need your shoes to match your outfit? Can’t you just wear some tennis shoes or something?”

Kiki put her fists on her hip and shook her head sadly at Tommy like she was worried for his mental capabilities. Mickey chuckled. Joe got up from the couch and sauntered over next to Kiki knocking her hand from her hip as was their ritual. Kiki made a grab for him and Tommy grinned at them both. Kiki returned his grin but Joe stared sullenly back. Again Tommy acted as if he didn’t notice.

“So, airplanes for Joe, and kicks for Kiki, and ice cream for all who scream ice cream,” Tommy said in a sing song, tugging on Kiki’s curls like he was milking a cow. She let out a giggle. Joey was ducking his head so Tommy wouldn’t see the smile he was trying not to smile.

“Just one thing first,” Mickey interjected and fished out his Blackberry. “Let me have a picture real quick before you get ice cream all over—”

“I’ll just wait outside,” Tommy mumbled and turned smartly and started quickly for the door.

“Wait, I think Daddy means…” Kiki trailed off as she chased him to the doors.

Joe put his hand in Mickey’s and looked up as if waiting for orders as to how to proceed. Mickey swallowed around the growing lump in his throat and said for the third time as if a charm,

“Well, at least he’s here…”

My Second of All Playlist

You know how there are songs that make you think of people? These are some of the songs that I loved listening to while writing for the couples in Second of All:


Some Nights by Fun

Kryptonite by Three Doors Down


Hey Girl by Damian Marley

Fever by Peggy Lee


They Can’t Take that Away From Me by Louis Armstrong &Ella Fitzgerald

Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

What do you think? Do you have any songs that make you think of these characters?

SECOND OF ALL (The Downey Trilogy) is finally here!!!!! #ASMSG


Second of All (The Downey Trilogy #2) is officially PUBLISHED!

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