James & Kiki

Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you a story about a Mob Princess and a DEA Agent… #ASMSG |

Ok, so a few weeks back I asked you if you’d like me to read from one of my books, and of those who voted, a majority picked First, I Love You. Since most of you didn’t have a preference for the scene I went by the one most often mentioned to me, which is when James & Kiki first meet at her 21st birthday party in the Trump Tower, downtown Chicago.

If you’ve read the book you known that each chapter is told from a different point of view from each of the six main characters. This is an excerpt from Chapter Eight, DEA Agent James Hoffman’s POV.

PS–This is my first attempt at making a video and the quality isn’t the best, but hopefully I will get the hang of it and do better next time. 🙂

You can watch the video here, on my YouTube Channel or on my Goodreads Page

♥ James & Kiki ♥ (Second of All)


♥ James & Kiki ♥ (First, I Love You)


I love poetry (if you know me in real life, this is nothing new to you). What I love most is how in a few words the author can evoke an image that us painters of prose take pages to express. I also love how, like songs, they compliment a memory or story within your head. This poem in particular made me think so strongly of Kiki and James. Thanks, Beth!

Been writing…

And that’s a good thing. I think. Or so a small but loyal group of people tell me. 😉 I’ve also read two books in the last week, been to a couple community events, survived family drama, and balanced my checkbook (immensely easy as 0-0 always = 0).

And now, I rather think, I’d like some feedback.

Would you like another excerpt from Second of All or more character background facts? A little of both?

Yes, I’ll keep writing either way.

Oh, and also, plus, too, in addition, I’m thinking of dusting off an almost completed short story I abandoned about Thanksgiving. Might just put that up for free if I can make the time. How about them baked apples?

As always, remember my motto:

Never settle for less than the best in booze, shoes, and men!