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Countdown to Third Time’s The Charm: An excerpt from Second of All (Downey #2)

First, congratulations to Fran S. for winning the contest yesterday on my Facebook Page. She won a signed paperback of First, I Love You. I’ll be having more contests while we wait for Third time’s The Charm, so don’t worry if you didn’t have time!

Between now and then, let’s get back to reliving some fan-favorite moments from First, I Love You and Second of All. This one is going out to Caroline, another huge James and Kiki fan who tells me this is her favorite moment from Second of All:

She felt a fissure of awareness that made goose bumps on her skin and she somehow knew he had shifted his brooding gaze to her profile. She waited for him to say something, but the limo remained silent. She felt him shift ever so slightly towards her then the car began to slow.

“We’re here, Miss Downey,” Kevin said through the intercom.

“Thank you, Kevin,” Kiki answered, slipping her heels back on.

She glanced at James and saw he was frowning menacingly at his jacket across from him. It was both exciting and off putting at the same time. Exactly who was he mad at? Her? Her family? Poor Kevin? Ugh, she was so tired of worrying about everyone else’s feelings. When Kevin opened the door she got out and marched into the lobby without waiting for James. She pretended like he didn’t exist as they rode in the elevator to their sensibly priced room (as sensible as one could get at a five star luxury hotel – a hard won victory on her part over his stubborn pride). She could tell he was still sending her intense almost predatory looks, but if he wasn’t going to communicate, why should she?

Kiki heard the hotel door thunk closed behind them and the snick of the security bolt as she walked forward and started taking her heels off. She hadn’t made it but three steps in when James grabbed her arm and twirled her around. She looked into his eyes, startled, and gasped a little as he yanked her towards him, crushing his mouth to hers. She could taste the alcohol from his drinks on his lips and reflexively put her arms around him as he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her madly.

James hitched her up around his waist and pressed her up against the wall of the hotel room, one hand making its way under her dress and yanking her underpants down a bit. Her head felt sandwiched between the wall and his mouth, his tongue as demanding as his fingers on her pelvis. She dug her fingernails into his arms and wrapped her legs around him, trying to both get a better grip and a bit more freedom. Instead he pressed his torso even more against hers, and she could feel the gun from his holster against her side and the badge against his belt. He scooted her up a bit then dropped his grip on her waist, and undid his pants as her legs slowly listed down. She held onto his shoulders with her hands, and managed to gasp out between kisses,


He ignored her and finished dropping his pants, then grabbed her legs back up around his waist. His mouth crushed against hers again, almost painfully in its possessiveness and his hands grabbed her hands and pressed them above her head against the wall.

–Copyright 2012, Genevieve Dewey

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A Letter from Mickey Downey, Part Eight.

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Dear Tommy,

First, I love you and think of you often. I keep hoping you will call but maybe I’ve just forgotten how busy a young boy gets. Or maybe you can’t call long distance? You can always call collect, just ask your mother how. I did try to call you on Christmas but there was no answer and no way to leave a message. I can’t understand why your mother wouldn’t have an answering machine. Perhaps I’ll send her one and a calling card.

What have you been up to since my visit? Is third grade a challenge? I don’t know why but I remember it being the first time I ever thought school to be fun. We finally started learning some math that was interesting that year. Do you like math like me? Maybe you like music like your mother. She is an exceptional pianist. I’m sure she’s forgotten to mention that as she’s quite modest. I know she teaches music but I’m not sure if she ever plays for recreation anymore. You should ask her to play something for you some time. Maybe you could even tell her I miss her beautiful voice. You don’t have to.

Anyway, your little brother is teething. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s when an ordinarily angelic baby become an impossible to please demon. And that is saying something with Joey. I think I mentioned he is usually as mellow as you were as a baby so this has been quite the adjustment for both of us. Ah well, this too shall pass. Your sister Kiki is having a blast in Kindergarten. She has a whole tribe of boys and girls she has convinced that she is actually a princess and somehow gets them to bring her things and give her their desserts. But here’s the kicker, son, she kept all of it and had an ‘auction’ on the playground to sell it back to all of them. Then she gave her teacher the money. I asked why and she said, ‘so she can buy us some good snacks for story time. No one likes carrots and crackers.’ HA! As a father I’m torn between pride at her entrepreneurial and management skills and pointing out that the establishment frowns at that sort of ‘business’. Or so the government and my lawyers tell me. I can’t wait to see what sort of scheme your brother dreams up in five years. I actually woke up in a sweat the other day thinking about what sort of shenanigans he could come up with if he’s anything like me.

Ah speak of the devil, he’s up again. I’m beginning to greatly appreciate the sacrifice your mother made raising you with only a part time parent to help. I guess it’s time to hire an au pair. That’s a fancy word for live-in babysitter.

I love you (I know I said that already–can’t be said enough). Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Loving Father,


PS- I put the calling card in with this letter and another business card.

Read the rest of the letters here: Letters From Mickey Downey

Countdown to Third Time’s The Charm: An excerpt from First, I Love You (Downey #1)

Getting impatient for the third book in The Downey Trilogy? While we wait for the cover reveal on September 19th and the release on October 31st, I’m going to try and keep things interesting. Maybe some contests like we did with the others, giveaways, excerpts, who knows…

But first, I’ll begin with reliving some fan-favorite moments from First, I Love You and Second of All. This one is going out to Brenda, a huge James and Kiki fan who tells me this is her fave moment from First, I Love You:

“Kiki open the door! At least let me explain. Please, baby,” he said, panic seeping into his veins.

Once again he’d underestimated Downey. He’d clearly already pissed on his territory and gotten his version of events out first.

“Go away, Agent Hoffman. Before I call the police,” her soft voice finally said.

The tears and pain in her voice squeezed at his heart. He rattled the door handle a few more pointless times then took out his frustration by banging the door with both fists and kicking it to punctuate each word.

“Kiki! Dammit! Kiki. Open. This. God. Damned. Door! I told you it was separate! I told you—!”

His last words were abruptly cut off by hands jerking him back and slamming him into the opposite wall. The man he’d seen with Downey in the alley pinned him to the wall, forearm choking off his airway. James brought his arm up but he wasn’t quick enough to stop the pistol blow across his head. Jesus, he thought as the gun repeatedly wacked down on him. James twisted sideways, training finally kicking in and swept his assailants legs, punching him in the kidney as he dropped. The man fell down and his gun skidded.

James reached for his own weapon but his hands fumbled as the world spun and the lost seconds were enough for the man to get up and land a solid rib punch, knocking him breathless on the ground, followed in quick succession with well-placed strategic kicks to his midsection, hands and legs, intended on immobilizing him. The guard was clearly well-trained in the dirty street-fight. He tried his best to block the attacks, but his head was throbbing from the pistol whip and he couldn’t seem to gain traction or calculate a plan as the man wailed on him. Stupid, stupid, he thought hazily. He had been so focused on her he had let his guard down.

“STOP!! My God, stop! Carlo, stop it! James! James!” he heard Kiki shrieking and the abuse stopped.

Blood and sweat stung his eyes but he could see her face suddenly hovering over his, world still spinning madly. He could feel her tiny soft hands cupping his head, smell her sweet smelling hair against his face and he used all the strength he had left to raise his hand up and bring her head down to his. He could taste her tears on her lips as he heard himself whisper against them,

“I love you…”

Then the world went black.

–Copyright 2012, Genevieve Dewey

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#TheDowneyTrilogy: Get to Know Kiki Downey

The Downey Trilogy centers around the relationship between mostly Irish-part Italian gangster Michael “Mickey” Downey and his son Detective Tommy Gates. But the catalyst that starts the story is Katherine “Kiki” Downey, Mickey’s daughter with Theresa Anastasio . A mob princess with a pure gangster pedigree going back generations, she is very beautiful and fond of meddling plan-making, but as Agent Hoffman says “she uses her powers mostly for good”.

You can learn a bit more about Kiki Downey here or get to know her through Mickey’s eyes in his letters here.

Here are some more interesting facts about Kiki Downey:

1) She secretly loves her full name Katherine Anastasia. Even though it’s a bit stodgy, it’s always made her feel regal. And it honors her mother’s family, the Anastasios, who were the force to be reckoned with before her father.

2) She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes but has felt it would be cruel to have one in her apartment or without kids to play with it.

3) She majored in business at Elmhurst College before she quit, but she told everyone she was taking art classes after the first few people she told thought she was kidding.

4) When she was six she wore a tiara for five solid weeks (even slept with it) until one of her Bonanno cousins broke it.

5) She blogs about fashion trends but would really love to run her own event planning company, especially weddings.

6) She hates traditional Irish music, the one thing she has in common with her grandmother Maeve, who loves to mock anyone that assumes just because she’s from Ireland that she ought to listen to reels and jigs all day.

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A Letter from Mickey Downey, Part Seven.

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Hello Joey!

I do hope you’re settling in well at school, and that you are not having me on about being happy to go. I usually don’t worry about you pretending to be happy about something you are not, unlike your sister, but in this case you can chalk it up to a case of your father having some anxiety about sending you so far. Not to mention so unsupervised. Yes, I realize it is a military school but I can recall being thirteen with a clarity that would frighten you. I’m sure you have trouble imagining me so young. I wish I had had your maturity when I was that age, who knows what might have happened? In any case I would appreciate you using the new phone and computer I bought you for regular facetime. Emails or letters will not be enough. You are a Downey so I know mischief runs heavy in your veins. And the sneaky twinkle in your sister’s eyes has me uneasy as well. I do want to say I would not mind if you showed an interest in taking up letter writing like me and your great grandpa Seamus. It is a forgotten art form. People just dash off texts and emails these days without a care.

 I just scared myself with how old that made me sound. You can stop snickering any time. On another note, I just got off the phone with your brother who was surprisingly friendly. Well, perhaps not friendly, but polite and animated. He’s moved out of that horrid old house he was renting off 48th and found a single apartment closer to downtown. I said that was a good move because the hours he keeps he has no business having to keep up another man’s yard, and let’s be real the other tenants in that house never did their part. He’s thinking he might be making the rank of Detective soon. I’m sure he figured that would just ruin my day, but quite the opposite. I told him if he doesn’t make it, I could get him placed here in Chicago, the Alderman in our district is always carrying on about needing more boys in blue. Tommy laughed quite a bit at that. Who knows at which part? But he thanked me for the call, which was a first. If you were here you’d be able to tell me if I was making too much out of it. This is another reason I will miss you greatly–our talks about Tommy. It’s not the same with your sister. She is too much of a people pleaser, always wanting to fix things that can’t be fixed. You inherited your poppa Big Joe’s skill for listening. Another forgotten art.

I’d better wrap this up, especially since I will be seeing you soon anyway, in fact, maybe before this letter even arrives. See? Your old man can be sneaky too. Possibly you already knew that. (nyuk nyuk nyuk) I’ve a friend in DC I haven’t seen in quite a while and I thought I’d surprise him with a visit and I can pop over and see you while I’m there. You can show me around your dorm and introduce me to your new friends, of which I am sure you already have several. Did your mother tell you that you actually have a cousin on the Bonanno side not too far from there? I’m not sure of the exact connection, you’ll have to check with her.

I love you and don’t forget I’m always keeping an eye on you, so no shenanigans, alright, boyo?

 See you soon!

Your Loving Father,


PS- Keep your grades up and my pilot says he’d be happy to have you along for a ride in the cockpit. Won’t that be a fun bragging right for your friends?

Read the rest of the letters here: Letters From Mickey Downey

A Letter from Mickey Downey, Part Five.

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The following is a letter that was written the February before this flashback in First, I Love You;

She smiled remembering it. Little Joey running all over the hotel lobby getting into things the way restless nine year old boys do. Daddy all tense and silent, staring at ‘that woman’, as mom had always called her. And Tommy–Ha!–Tommy, acting like he had just wandered into the Omaha Hilton because he had nothing better to do. But she could see in his eyes he was just as nervous as she was. Just as curious to finally meet his siblings…

And in Second of All;

“We’re here so you can meet your brother for the first time. You can get an ice cream any other time.”

Joey sent a quick resentment-filled look at Tommy who was teasing a furiously blushing Kiki about some boy-band she liked…


Dear Princess,

I hope you are enjoying Paris! I know I said I wouldn’t “bug you” while you are visiting your mother but I thought it might be nice to get a letter from your old man anyway. It feels strange to be writing to you instead of enjoying your company while I write to others. It’s not only odd in its intended recipient but because my study feels very empty without you. I can feel you rolling your eyes at that, even from across the ocean. Oh well, somehow we will both survive your teen years. You’ll be happy to know your “stinky little brother” has so far kept his promise to stay out of your room. Either that or he is exceptionally talented at not getting caught. Given his parentage, it could go either way. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know he’s still quite jealous you got to go without him. I suggested maybe I could send him to his mother during his own birthday month, but he’s still set on Coney Island.

Speaking of brothers, Tommy will be graduating this May. Since Joey doesn’t want to head to Europe, I thought it would be nice if we could take a trip over to Omaha and see Tommy graduate. Won’t it be nice to meet him in person? Well past time, I think. You’ll find when you get older it’s easy to let time slip away and before you know it your daughter’s wearing lipstick and your oldest son’s graduating high school. You should probably make sure your mother doesn’t see this letter. You know how she gets when people mention Tommy.

I have to run now. Call me when you get this letter so I can hear your sweet voice.

Your loving father,


PS–Remember our deal, you need to be completing your homework. Getting out of school for a month doesn’t mean you can slack off.

PPS–No falling in love with any French boys.

A Letter from Mickey Downey, Part Two.

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The following is a letter referenced in First, I Love You;

“Does he like to play Princesses?” Kiki asked. Daddy didn’t answer, just chuckled as he picked up his pen and wrote:

Dear Tommy, First, I love you. I hope you enjoyed the present I sent—’

“Daddy, guess what! I read the word love!” Kiki said, proud of herself.

“Very good, sweetheart, very good,” he seemed to choke out the words like something was stuck in his throat. Then he kissed her head and continued to write.


Dear Tommy,

First, I love you. I hope you enjoyed the present I sent–I’m not sure what a boy your age is ‘in to’ these days but I gathered from your Transformer PJs that you might like those. If you already have this car, let me know, and I will get you one you don’t. And, of course, Happy Birthday! Turning ten is a pretty big deal, it’s not every day a young man busts into the double digits! Do you remember how much you liked playing cars in the living room? We must have lost a few dozen Matchbox cars down that large vent. When you were just a wee tyke you refused to walk over it and you would stand there, stubborn as a mule, until your mother would lift you over. If I was there you would insist I do it because I always remembered to make the airplane sounds. Mothers sometimes don’t understand the importance of these things. Speaking of your mother, I am not sure if she told you that you have a little sister, she’s 5 1/2 and about to attend Kindergarten. Her name is Katherine but we call her Kiki. I’ve included a picture, she’s eager to meet you. You’ll have to indulge her if she asks you to play Princesses, little girls are sometimes pushy like that. But I promise to take you out for an extra large ice cream afterward! And never fear, you also have a brand new brother, he was born just this last May and his name is Giovanni, but we call him Joe. He reminds me a lot of you as a baby. You were always such a good baby, hardly ever cried. Kiki cried all the time but is now quiet as a bug in a rug. And it seems like you will be the only one of my children to have the Downey green eyes. Ah well, who can predict these things?

I’m sure this is a lot to take in, so I will end my letter here and say once again that I love you and I miss you. I don’t know what it is your mother may have told you, but I want you to know you can call me whenever you like, or write if you are so inclined. I meant what I said last week that I will always be here for you no matter what, day or night, whatever you need. And you don’t need to worry, I will not make you move, I gave you my word. You can ask your mother, I always keep my promises.

Your loving father,


PS–I’ve also included my business card which has my personal lines written on the back. You may call any of the numbers, everyone has instructions to put your call through to me at once.

Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you a story about a one-of-a-kind mobster… #ASMSG |

A few weeks back I read from Chapter Eight of First, I Love You–which is when James & Kiki first meet at her 21st birthday party in the Trump Tower, downtown Chicago. I know only a handful of you have had a chance to see it but those of you who have gave me the warm and gushies with your enthusiasm and praise. You know you only encourage me to do more when you do that, right? So, yeah, I did another for Second of All.

I didn’t open it to vote, I just picked a flashback because I didn’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t finished First, I Love You AND because the Godfather II-esque flashbacks into Mickey Downey’s life are an integral part of Second of All. This reading is from Chapter Thirteen, “Ten Years Ago” and takes place in Omaha.

You can watch the video here, on my YouTube Channel or on my Goodreads Page

Third Time’s The Charm (Downey #3)

Did you know that you can read the entire prologue to Third Time’s The Charm right here on my website? Yep! Right there in the static page tabs above. I’ve included it as a link here for those of you I know like to stay unspoiled!

Third Time’s The Charm.

Expected release date sometime in October.

(Fingers and toes crossed.)


In other news, I will be on Jack and Dave’s morning Radio show this Thursday the 18th around 8:40am CST on KLIN 1400/ 94.5 FM out of Lincoln, NE. You can find them online here: and you can listen online to KLIN here:

Pull up a seat and I’ll tell you a story about a Mob Princess and a DEA Agent… #ASMSG |

Ok, so a few weeks back I asked you if you’d like me to read from one of my books, and of those who voted, a majority picked First, I Love You. Since most of you didn’t have a preference for the scene I went by the one most often mentioned to me, which is when James & Kiki first meet at her 21st birthday party in the Trump Tower, downtown Chicago.

If you’ve read the book you known that each chapter is told from a different point of view from each of the six main characters. This is an excerpt from Chapter Eight, DEA Agent James Hoffman’s POV.

PS–This is my first attempt at making a video and the quality isn’t the best, but hopefully I will get the hang of it and do better next time. 🙂

You can watch the video here, on my YouTube Channel or on my Goodreads Page