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Grab a spoon everyone! Cupcake interviews @Penelope_Prose (Bad Penny) #ASMSG

Ok I have an exciting treat today! A guest interview with my dear friend Penelope Jones, aka Bad Penny, aka Sweet P. You can find her blog here: The very Bad Penny   I invited her here to talk a bit about her upcoming release Iniquitous Solace, a book she co-wrote with Max of Cherish Desire. You can find him here: Very Dirty Stories by Max

Hi Penny! Thank you for taking the time tell us about your new “piece of work”.

I know you had a lot of fun doing that interview with Travis Luedke (Author of the fabulous Nightlife Series) full of BDSM-ery which people of the 18 and older variety can find here: A Spanking Good Time w/ erotica authors Penelope Jones and Max

Butt, (haha)

Today’s interview is going to be entirely cupcake-ery.

*passes Penny her own pint of Ben and Jerry’s*

*Penny takes the Chunky Monkey, and looks orgasmic after that first bite*

Q: You ready to soft rock, Sweet P?

A: *winks* I’m the girl that likes to cuddle after raunchy sex. I’m totally down for soft rock with you, Cupcake! *giggles*

Q: So this new book of yours, Iniquitous Solace, can you tell us a little bit about the premise?

A: Max sorta started the idea by replying to poems on my blog, and soon it became Iniquitous Solace… Our wicked peace comes across each page and tangles into your heart, and your imaginations take hold.  It’s notes and letters back and forth between strangers at first, and then each poem begins to strip layer for layer away from the walls they have built to protect themselves, and it takes you on a journey of love and lust in Rhythmic words.

Q: What genre would you place it in? On a scale of naughty to cupcake how would you rate it?

A: I’d say definitely moments of Cupcakery, romance as well, but absolutely hands down there’s naughty to go with it all. I wouldn’t be Bad Penny if there wasn’t naughty, right?

Q: What made you decide to write it?

A: I sorta covered this question above…however there’s more to the story. *chuckles* Max felt sorry for me. I wrote a poem, and no one commented, so he wrote me an “I feel sorry for you” poem and left it in my comment section..  I thought he just wanted advertising on my blog. *giggles* It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th poem he finally said something along these lines. “You realize I’m not really writing poems to your blog right?”  He was stalking me, and I was on the down-low stalking him. The rest is history, and now we have a collaboration partnership.

Q: How long did it take you guys to write it?

A: We started right before Thanksgiving, and I’ve been mostly done writing poetry for a week now. We are waiting on busy, busy, busy Max to catch up.  There will be about 50 poems in total taking the reader along the path of lusty desires and needs of these lovers. *grins*

Q: Approximately when can we expect to see its release and where can we get a copy?

A:  It will be in the first two weeks in February.  The exact date hasn’t been set, but it will definitely be available before Valentine’s Day, and it will be available on Amazon in like 6 or more different countries I believe.

Q: Do you and Max have any plans for a series?

A:  I have lots of ideas, dreams, and wishes in this department, however Max has his own business plan going on, as well I do… so fitting these ideas in might not work out so well. *giggles*  We do plan to extend the Alice and Tabbi story… and what happens after the New Year’s Eve part. That’s the only confirmed collaboration we have at this time.

Q: What are you, individually, writing right now?

A: Max is working on extending his “The Lioness” storyline.  Heather and Erik have more to say and do before that story is complete. *grins* I’m working on my Chat Box Dominant Series, The Diary of a Broken Me being the first installment, I’m hoping to have it available for sale by Spring. I’m also editing my novel The Beautiful Catastrophe.

Q: What genre would you place it in and on a scale of naughty to cupcake how would you rate it?

A:  The Lioness Storyline is SUPER Naughty, so off the scale. *winks and snickers*  Diary of a Broken Me is Naughty with many Cupcake moments.  And last but not lease… The Beautiful Catastrophe I would say is Cupcakery with naughty moments.  It’s probably my sweetest storyline I’ve ever written, and it has moments that simply make you cry, laugh, and hopefully get wet. *giggles*

Ooohh I totally can’t wait, Sweet P! I mean, I do love your naughty stories but you *know* how much I love your sweet stuff too. Ok, now we got all that dry boring author to author Q&A out of the way.

*Gen gets out the whipped cream and sprinkles*

Q: How old were you when you first started writing #naughty fiction?

A: Legally I can’t tell you that.  There are perverts out there that would use it against me. *snickers* Let’s just say I’ve been naughty since I can remember, and writing about it almost as long.

Q: Haha! And yeesh! You joke, but there are some creepy people out there! Have you always wanted to be a writer/author?

A: No.  My sister, as much as I love her, crushed that dream at age 11. I read every romance novel my granny had back then, and thought I can do that… I know it’s laughable now, that an 11 year old would want to write a novel, but having your genius older sister tell you it was a dumb idea, let that dream climb under a rock, until recently. I seriously just started writing for real in May of 2012. I’m a geek, so for 10 years I wrote storylines and role-played with friends. I’m making my dream finally come true, and loving every damn moment of it. *grins*

Q: Tuh! How wrong your sister was! So happy you’re embracing your passion!  Where do you get your best ideas?

A:  My lifestyle. I live the lifestyle I write about. BDSM is a special genre that has become quite popular by “Fifty Shades of Grey” .  Bless that woman’s heart for allowing those that write the REAL: BDSM lifestyle in our books into the mainstream, too bad her book was just a beginners guide if that.

Q: Yes I believe I’ve made my thoughts on the 50 Shades fad clear. *snicker* But if there’s one thing I’ve learned since meeting you Sweet P, it’s that you always look at the bright side of everything and I am happy that you and other talented writers in that niche can share your feelings and culture with the rest of us!

If you could collaborate with any author (dead or alive) to write a book, who would it be and what would it be about?

A: Sadey Quinn! She’s a BDSM erotica author, that wrote the amazing storyline about “Rock Creek” A kinky BDSM housing community that you had to be on a waiting list to get in, and have interviews and references, but it was all kink friendly. You were free to be you on your lawn, or in the neighbor’s yard. No one judged you for walking around naked, or on a leash. It was awesome. Sorry… very un-cupcake of me! *giggles* Under Order and Social Services are my favorites of hers.

Q: No, but I *do* feel like having a little extra chocolate sauce and maybe another cherry on my ice cream now. *winks* What is your biggest writing pet peeve within the erotica genre?

*pokes Penny with her spoon* (Now I know you’re going to try and get out of answering this because you’re borderline pathologically nice, but be honest! Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and we are all entitled to them, it’s not a bash it’s… let’s call it a non-fetish. Ha!)

A: I’m only delaying my answer, hoping you’ll go get a bigger wooden spoon, and really hit me. *winks*

I’m kidding. No…actually I have an answer for this! People who try and write about BDSM/Domestic Discipline and have NO idea what the hell it means.  Don’t just do Internet research. You need to find people that LIVE this life, that know this LIFE… ask us we are more than willing to share because we want our lifestyle portrayed in the best light.

Q: *still snickering* What do you love most about the erotica genre?

A:  All the different view points, and ideas that come through in erotica.  Plus… in all honest I’ve learned a lot of new ways to enjoy sex with my partners. I’m super-duper naughty, but I’m not above learning new things. *giggles* You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach a sexy kitty. *winks* Meow.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve in cupcake’s contemporary romance genre?

A:  Gen… you sure you want me to answer that? *snickers* I’m kidding… I love happily ever after, but some of the stories are pretty far fetched. Just my opinion.

Q: Actually I agree  with you! Sometimes you just groan and roll your eyes with the dialogue and sudden reversal of feelings. I like to write as much realism as I can in with my schmoopy hearts and flowers. heehee! What do you love most about it?

A:  The happy endings. I’m a sucker for the lovers finding their way to being together.

Q: Ohh me too! Totally addicted to the HEA! So about you in particular, what is one thing you simply can’t do without in a day?

A:  I can’t do without my writing. I’ve written every day pretty much for over 15 years.  I don’t know if I know what to do without it. I feel naked and not in a sexy, come get me naked way. *giggles*

Well, Sweet P, thank you for answering my questions!

Thank you for having me, Cupcake. I’ve had a blast, now let’s get shaking our groove thangs. * giggles*

*Gen puts in John Hughes film*

That’s it everyone! Remember :

Max can be found here: Cherish Desire’s Very Dirty Stories <>

Penelope Jones a.k.a. Bad Penny can be found here: The Bad Penny <>

Time to dance around and sing with our spoon-phones.

My next interview will be with Tina Traverse about her novel Forever, Christian and we will discuss the serious topic of how families deal with and embrace Autism.

See you then!