Book Tour Luna Aeturnus by Simon OKill

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Today I’m hosting the tour for 


by Simon OKill

(I’ve read and reviewed the first Luna book. My review can be found on its own page on my site)

As Eternal’s memory is recovered so her destiny nears and as her strength returns her evil nemesis discovers her and attacks.

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Rural France, June 1925 – The witness to the Moreau massacre, Eternal, is still incarcerated in an asylum, trapped by her amnesia. Only her true love, Edouard, can help rediscover her identity. But the startling truth attracts the attention of The Count, the secret leader of a vampire cult. The Count needs Eternal’s blood to achieve his destiny at the Eternal Hour and he has the forces of evil to help him.

With little time remaining, Edouard must unravel Eternal’s vampiric past, unmask The Count, and plot their escape. But at every step, dangers…

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