#ASMSG #BYNR Just a reminder for my fellow authors, poets, artists…

Here’s some advice I frequently forget to take myself:

On those days where it seems like you’re that person on the sidewalk playing your guitar to an audience of none and you ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Who is even appreciating this?”; on those days, don’t forget the person stuck working a shift inside the building you’re sitting next to who appreciates the music but may never get a chance to say a thing.

Play/write/create for you.

You never know who’s inspired by you… just being you.




  1. Hi Hun I love this and believe it true… you just never know who you reach or touch in this life, even just from giving someone a smile… so I have loved finding you all on here… Every word, book, poem, quote makes my heart smile! xoxox


  2. That’s an amazing thought to carry with you. I’d like to think it’s true but hope like heck it isn’t inspiring someone to murder since I’m sure I’m a loust guitarist..
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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