Bird Day Battalion fans! Get more Dom and Kate in The V-Day Aversion! | #ASMSG |


Dominic Valentini is a man with a plan. Katelyn Anderson is a woman with her own plan: avoid whatever Dominic’s got planned.
It’s two days from Valentine’s Day, and Katelyn’s sister Kandace wants Kate to help her catch her estranged husband cheating. Katelyn’s just fine with this as it gives her another excuse to avoid Dominic, whose only crime is being Practically Perfect in every way possible. Dominic just wants Katelyn to stand still long enough to give her a Valentine’s Day to remember. The only problem is, Katelyn hates Valentine’s Day.
Join Dom & Kate, from The Bird Day Battalion, as they try and navigate the “And then what?” of a Happy Ever After.




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I really hope you enjoy it!



  1. Im the anonymous technology and me not seeing eye to eye today yesterday for awhile now. saving up to read first love on the plane


    1. Ohh exciting! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it! It’s a little more literary fiction, a little less straight romance than the shorts, but there’s still plenty enough to be going on with. I promise. ;P


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