To those who have actually read First, I Love You

and/or perhaps the snippets of Second of All posted on this site. I’ve asked a few people already based on a few different ideas (and of course the old cover idea I had ages ago) for their opinions on this cover but I especially want the opinion right now of those who are familiar with the trilogy.

To be honest, I really prefer either of these (versus a darker background), but I am willing to be talked out of it. Well, you know me, more like argued out of it. LOL

The Celtic cross in the middle is designed by Aris Dervis, and it is used with his gracious permission.


Edited to say, I’ve picked the one on the right. You can look in the Second of All tab to the right to see the layout.


  1. It’s a Celtic knot, like the artwork on Mickey’s pipe and on the furniture he carves. The cover of First I Love You is what you would see if you stood underneath The Bean in Chicago’s Millenium Park. 🙂


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