It’s so maddening this social media thing. Everyone has their favorite site. ‘Oh have you followed me here?’ Gah! It’s exhausting! I get these requests all the time, add me here, add me there, and I try and comply but to be honest if it’s not on Twitter and Facebook, I probably only check it about once a week! But i’m probably on it … somewhere. I’ve got WAY too many internet timesuckers as it is.

For instance, there are a few sites that I periodically can just get lost for hours at. is one of them. I’m not kidding. It’s really a great site for information gathering fiends like myself. Conspiracy theorists everywhere are cringing! Gen! Don’t you realize they’re tracking you?

Darlings, don’t delude yourself, there is NO WHERE private on the webbernets.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, blogs and websites I love to follow and want to share with you that aren’t currently hosted by WordPress and thus not easily re-blogged. (Or that was what I was about to say before I got sidetracked.)

Cosa Nostra News is one such place I’ll be sharing with you. It’s a little gem. I encourage you to check it out and show Ed Scarpo (that’s an ‘o’, not an ‘a’!) some love by officially following it instead of being one of the half a million lurkers waiting to peep some mobwatcher gossip from both sides of the fence.

Welp, that’s all for today, been writing and editing like a maniac. I keep teasing that I’ll post the first chapter of “Second of All” if I hit 200 likes on my FB author page, so people, if you want to see that happen ya gonna hafta show mama some sugar and scare me up some likes.