You do you, I’ll do me. Variety is the spice of life.


Holy …. *blush*

Ha! Yeah I went there.

Anyhoo, I have decided whoever invented Pinterest is made out of pure EVIL. Eviiiiiiil. As if I need any more timesuckers in my life! As. IF!

I find myself endlessly window shopping thinking about what would make good background shots for cover art or if I could just find a guy who is the perfect Tommy Gates. I mean that one I posted the other day is really very much how I picture James Hoffman (only of course James would have slightly darker skin tone).

Oh Hell, let’s just look at it again shall we?


But anyway, in addition to the lovely pictures of shoes, and dresses, and food, and architecture, you get little gems like this:


I suppose there’s things for straight males to look at as well… perhaps tools or … something.

Is that a Honduran cigar? Cuz I got a guy … No really… I do.


/Random Over