Where to get The Bird Day Battalion

Here is a handy dandy list of all the major places you can download The Bird Day Battalion. FREE everywhere!

Apple (iPad/iPhone):

B&N (Nook):

Amazon (Kindle):

Smashwords (iBooks/Nook/Kindle/Phone/PDF):





Did you know?

So I just checked on iTunes and it shows Bird Day Battalion at #2, right next to Gemma Halliday!

This prompted an entirely new post because I am a HUUUUGE¬†Gemma Halliday fan. I absolutely adore her High Heels mysteries. So just having my name next to hers temporarily is such an incredible honor, I don’t even know where to start! ūüôā And last night (true it was probably just an autofollow¬†bot, but still) Bella Andre followed me on Twitter. Total fangirl¬†squee moment. I swear, who knew following your pipe dreams could lead to such happiness?

And I want to say AGAIN because it can’t be said ENOUGH:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that has read The Bird Day Battalion and First, I Love You, and especially those of you who have taken time to spread the word and leave reviews.



Gratitude seems not strong enough

So I posted¬†a picture (taken from my phone in excitement before¬†I realized I could have just done another screencapture–did I mention excitement? LOL) on Facebook and Twitter: [UPDATE: Did a screencapture!]

I CANNOT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH for helping put The Bird Day Battalion in the Top Five free downloads at Apple!!!! I know that free tends to sell itself, but there are a lot of free stories out there so to me it speaks more of you guys helping spread the word, and for that I am so deeply humbled and thankful. Even if it just lasts today it’ll stay in my heart and mind on those days when I’m having trouble expressing myself writing for The Downey Trilogy or anything else. And I do have lots of anything elses stuck in my head waiting to be told.

Special shout out to my friend Sweet P (known to some of you as Bad Penny) for rallying the #Naughtyville¬†troops. If you are an adult, go follow her blog¬†(if you’re not already) for¬†sexy & sweet poetry,¬†BDSM Erotica, and some seriously salacious photos:

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, if you are a US citizen:


Holiday Short Story

I uploaded¬†your free¬†short¬†Turkey Day¬†story at Smashwords. I also put it up at Amazon, but per their pedantic rules we have to wait for them to “price match” the FREE of everywhere else. Otherwise I would have to go exclusive with them, which I thought about doing, but I know some of you prefer to get your books through the iBookstore on your iPad.

SO, if you *don’t* want to wait for Amazon to price it free and for Apple and B&N to upload it, you¬†can download it in whatever format you choose from Smashwords: