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Ok, so, this will probably not be news to some of you, but Facebook filters out posts. The truth is, only about 10-20% of you are deemed worthy by them of seeing my updates. That’s probably being generous.

Anyhoo, my point, yes!

Here it is: Due to the filter-unless-you-pay-us shakedown of Facebook, and the incredibly fast moving nature of Twitter, and my bad habit of forgetting other social media outlets exist, the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY for you to not miss out on any special sales, free giveaways, or advance peeks is to sign up for my new fan newsletter! Brand spankin’ new, peeps!

We are talking free stuff from me to you, the BEST fans in the universe. I may not have a huge fan base, but if I have a thousand true fans, that’s better than a fickle fifteen minutes of fame. (Not that I would say no to both, haha!)

So, subscribe to my Newsletter to receive these special alerts, promotions, and deals! Those of you who know me know that you will actually NOT hear from me all that often. No spammy, no spammy, just fan love from me!

All it requires is an email, you don’t even have to fill out your name (though that helps when your email program filters junk mail).