Copper TV Show

#RandomGen Ramble: Irish men are hot because God loves me.

Oh bah, who cares it’s a spurious conclusion? Prove me wrong. ;P

Some of you know I’ve been gushing on Facebook and Pinterest over #HotFrancis, aka dirty Detective Francis Maguire, aka actor Kevin Ryan on BBC America’s show Copper. Don’t know who that is? Wuuuuut? *face palm*




Now, I didn’t always think of him as #HotFrancis. In fact, on the first season, I merely registered his existence as Detective Corcoran’s good-looking, morally ambiguous partner who did a WAY better job of ‘keeping it real’ than Corky. I mean, for real, it’s like Detective Corcoran didn’t get the memo he’s a copper in New York City in 1865 where even the Nuns are corrupt, so this wide-eyed look of constant surprise every time the dirty gets done (which is, like, every two seconds) really was rubbing me the wrong way. But Corcoran’s super hot as well and I love me my cops v criminals stories. Especially one produced by Tom Fontana and Thomas Kelly. I mean, you are always guaranteed a gritty, character-based story with these men, instead of shallow, plot-point writing.

But anyway, as I was saying, now there’s this season and Francis just goes on a tailspin from garden variety corrupt cop (90% of the precinct) to joining one of the Irish Gangs (throw-a-rock-and-hit one) and bam, I’m like, lusting all over him. Like, drool buckets, peeps. Kid you not.

*Cue husband sighing in exasperation.*

I think I’ve mentioned no matter the show, my husband is always Team Law Enforcement. So he clings to his precious Corky like a life raft seeing as he’s at least trying to be a good Copper. (Again, while banging prostitutes, doing heroine, and asking The Donovan for favors from Tammany Hall…)

*Cue Gen snorting and rolling her eyes.*

So here’s the thing… I like morally conflicted Bad Boys. The righteously indignant like Corcoran don’t get me gooey nor do the unrepentantly bad like Donovan or Robert Morehouse’s father. I often like their characters for many reasons (I believe I mentioned above there is no such thing as a one-dimensional character in a Fontana show) but I just love the Bad Boy who fights with his conscience and loyalties against his more dominant, darker urges.

He became #HotFrancis for me the minute I realized I sooooo didn’t care he’s killed people, slept with Corky’s wife, and kept her from him, I still see the struggle in him. That scene where he’s yelling at Ellen if she would have chosen him he never would have left her? …. Gahhhhh, I was gone. Because Kevin Ryan made me actually believe Maguire meant it, for all his selfishness and grift.

*Cue husband shaking his head.*

Yeah, it’s not just because Kevin Ryan is a damn-fine looking Irishman, it’s because the character of Francis Maguire is hot.

That’s the power of good writing.


/ #RandomGen ramble over….


PS–Anyone else think Kevin Ryan would make a good Agent James Hoffman? Wonder if he can do a Chicago accent…