In case you wandered in by accident…

Today I realized I haven’t published anything fiction in ten (10!) years. I’ve certainly written things — whole novels, short stories — in that time but just never took the extra steps to put it out there. I’m not sure why, but I don’t regret focusing on my other career. Also a part of me must intend on doing something at some point or I wouldn’t still have this site. What I HAVE done is drastically reduce my social media footprint, not just because I’m not actively publishing/promoting but because I truly believe it helps with mental health. This is the part where I reveal that in “real life” I’m a crime scene investigator with a specialty in latent print examination. That’s why I want to emphasize the importance of balance and only putting energy into things that fill you with joy and purpose. I’m going to keep writing for myself and spend time reconnecting with the unplugged life I used to have.

I hope you will do the same: WRITE. LIVE. APPRECIATE. And take time for yourself.


  1. Ha! I was just telling someone about you and your books the other day. Then I thought what has she been doing? Then boom! Blog post! Keep up the good work!


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