My WIP: To Share or not to Share?



Once upon a time, when I was writing full time, I’d share snippets from my works in progress as I was actively going through the editing and beta reading process. I’m not sure why I feel so cautious sharing now but I think it has to do with so much online thievery I’ve witnessed my writing colleagues go through over the last 5 years I’ve been focusing on my other career, not to mention I’m not sure if I’ll be going Indie this time around.

Was that me hinting at agent shopping? You decide.

I’m not sure what to do, honestly. I would love your feedback. What I am willing to share is that this new novel is called Bird With No Song and if it had to be placed in a genre box I’d call it general fiction featuring a teen protagonist.


Sixteen-year old Josiah “JoJo” Smith has done a pretty good job of flying under the radar despite his well-known relatives until his mother, former child musician Annie Smith, renews her relationship with Luke Preston, the lead singer of the world famous band Periscope.

JoJo was already struggling to reconcile his desire to make music with his extreme introversion, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. Now life’s a chopped-up drama salad of fake friends, real friends, fake family, real family, hashtags, squish-names, and the crushing weight of expectation that goes along with trying to step outside of being the son, nephew, or grandson of someone famous. Add that to all the confusing feelings he has for his best friend Josef and the intriguing new girl at school and he’s, well…

Everything’s fine. Just fine. No big. It’s whatever.



If you are interested in beta-reading, please let me know!

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