…Rags Daniels, Author Extraordinaire, Bon-Webvant… who LUVS ya baby?… #TBSU…

Seumas Gallacher

…there are times when yeez sense there may just be a wee glimmer of hope for the planet after all… yesterday, my great pal Down Under, the super, m’Lady, Cate Russell-Cole, posted a blog piece about Rags Daniels, who is recuperating from a severe stroke… I was privileged to pass it on as a reblog… it basically directed good folks to lend their prayers and good thoughts toward one of our terrific internet scribbling family… the suggestion was also mooted that p’raps tangible support in the way of downloading some of Rags’ books from Amazon would be appreciated… I feel certain that whatever may be achieved in terms of any financial contribution from royalties-on-sales will pall into the background  against the sheer overwhelming surge of LUV for one of our own… my reblog on Rags has already, in a 24-hour span, received more hits, reblogs, Re-Tweets, and Facebook shares than any…

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