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The V-Day Aversion

by Genevieve Dewey


Copyright 2013 by Genevieve Dewey. All Rights Reserved.
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“You sneaky bastard. I straight up asked you and you were all ‘duurr, I dunno’,” Dominic said as he grabbed Kyle’s arm to stop him.

He was torn between amusement and irritation. Penny and Kellie walked back over to them in obvious impatience.

“Yeah, well,” Kyle drawled, scratching his belly and looking like he was about burst from smug self-satisfaction. “I got top marks in Sneaky 101 at the Police Academy. Was thinking about going into undercover work once I make detective but I’d miss messing with you two too much.”

Katelyn dissolved into gales of laughter. She and Kyle stood there and just looked at each commencing with their usual habit of conversing entirely through facial expressions. Then Kyle shrugged and Kate cupped one of her hands on his cheek, and kissed his other cheek. Not one word was spoken, but an entire conversation was had.

Dominic shook his head. Twin-speak was a weird fluke of nature. One would think he’d be used to it by now.

“When did you orchestrate this?” Dom asked.

“He called me last week,” Kellie answered. “After the first time he heard Katie’d been ducking you.”

“Yeah, and note, that was before you even said anything about the other thing,” Kyle said.

“What other thing?” Katelyn asked.

“Nothing,” Dom answered.

“And he already filled me in about that,” Kellie said. “I can’t tell you how hard it has been this week keeping—”

“Shush,” Kyle interrupted. “He obviously hasn’t yet.”

Dominic rubbed his face. Katelyn was looking back and forth between her siblings with a look of deep suspicion on her face. Kellie looked positively gleeful and way more relaxed and human than he had seen her in years.

“He hasn’t what?” Katelyn asked.

“Taken you out on a date. We had to bail remember?” Dominic covered.

Kellie laughed softly.

“On second thought, Penny, you want to go help Kandace while I show them their room?”

Dominic looked pointedly at Penny who was watching the whole thing like they were dinner theatre. His initial awe that a human being could be so many incongruous things at once had worn off long ago, and now she was just one of three people standing in the way of his Valentine’s proposal to the woman he loved.

Penny cleared her throat.

“Sure. Before I go, can I get you two sweethearts anything? Extra lube? There’s Princess Leia and Bounty Hunter outfits hanging in the closet, his and hers for each, and I can get you the Darth Vader mask that changes your voice.”

“Oh, wow, um, no, that’s, uh…” Katelyn mumbled at her toes, obviously trying hard not to laugh.

“Not necessary; we’re good,” Dom said.

Penny made some thumbs up gestures at Katelyn while she walked backwards across the lobby. As they walked back to room 169, they could hear her husky loud laugh ring out and echo in the lobby.

Dom and Kate both stopped at the door and turned around to face Kellie and Kyle.

“You guys, I mean, this room, have you seen it?” Katelyn asked.

Kyle and Kellie shared twin looks of mischievous glee.

“Yep,” Kyle said.

“Come on, Kyle, let’s get out of their hair,” Kellie said.

She was starting to get a flushed look.

“I have a lot of pre-planning to do.”

“Carts. Horses,” Kyle said. “She might say no.”

“Shhh,” Kellie hissed and dragged him down the hall.

“What cart, what horse, and what are you two up to now? I’m not stupid, you know! I know you’re up to something,” Katelyn called after them.

Dominic grabbed her hand and pulled her into the room. He locked the door after them and released the tension in his shoulders. He leaned back against the door and just stared at the sight of Katelyn in a sea of pink and red.

“So…” Katelyn said in a sweet and endearingly shy way. “Who knew Kellie had so much sneaky in her? Kyle, we knew, but Kellie?”

Dom smiled and shrugged. He walked forward and cupped her face in his hands.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Katelyn.”

She reached up and covered his hands with her own and smiled in return.

“This is the best Valentine’s date I’ve ever had,” she said facetiously.

He snorted and leaned down to give her a soft kiss then moved to kiss the tip of her nose the way she liked.

“So you’re not mad?”

“Not even remotely.”

“So it was about the house?”

“Sort of. I still don’t get the point of the holiday. But you and Kandy are right, it’s just a house.”

He smiled at her as her eyelid twitched. He kissed her nose again.

“It’s just your house. I understand. But, let’s just forget about that for tonight and let me show you the point of the holiday.”

She scrunched her nose and let out a soft laugh.

“Dom? Do you really want to use any of this stuff?” she asked.

She didn’t sound averse to the idea, but not particularly eager either. He let go of her face and scooped her body flush up against his.

“Skate, since when do we need props to get ‘er done? But, the bed is still useful.”

She slowly smiled, somewhere between a smirk and a grimace.

“That’s true,” she whispered.

He could feel her hands tug at his shirt and he started leisurely undoing her top. They kept each other’s gazes as they undressed.

“And I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fun to try out the Boba Fett outfits,” he continued.

She laughed softly as her hands moved to his belt.

“You mean you don’t want to try out the his and hers Princess Leia outfits?”

“Only if I get to use the paddle,” he countered.

Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a shaky ‘O’. Her hand stopped and her eyes searched his face.

“I’m kidding,” he said.

Sort of, he finished inside his head.

Her eyes narrowed, but thankfully, she looked more amused than anything.

“Let’s try it old school first,” Katelyn finally said as she dropped his pants. “Just you and me.”

“Just you and me is my favorite way to be,” he whispered against her lips.

She started to shimmy out of her panties and he stepped back to watch. When she was naked, he ran his hands along the length of her. Her breasts rose up and down with her quickened breath. He bent his head and kissed each one before moving his mouth along her collar bone. He felt goose bumps rise along her skin.

Her hands ran lightly along his ass then one finger teased at the V of his spine and pelvis. He licked the half-moon at the base of her neck while he reached up and pulled her head back with her hair. She let out a moan and her knees gave out a little. He used his other hand to cup her ass and press her against his erection.

Her fingernails dug into his back and he worked his mouth up her neck to her jaw bone then opened his eyes to look in her face. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was parted and glistening as if she had recently licked her lips. He let go of her hair but she kept her head tilted back and the edges of her lips tilted just a bit as if in a smile of anticipation.

So he gave her what she wanted.

He took her bottom lip in his mouth, lightly nipped it, and then sucked on it. He stuck his tongue in her mouth, kissing her slowly and deeply then tracing the outer rim of her lips with his tongue. She made a noise somewhere between a whimper and moan. He’d learned this was easily one of her favorite forms of foreplay.

Just kisses. Slow, teasing kisses.

He could limit himself to just kissing her and she’d be good to go, but he never stopped there. As far he was concerned, a man wasn’t worth his salt if he hadn’t made his woman cum at least twice before taking his own. Tonight, he was hoping to break their personal record of four to his one.

He traced his lips along her cheek, then to her ear and nibbled on that for a while until her hands – more precisely, her vicious fingernails – had made their way back to his ass. He stopped kissing her earlobe and bent to one knee so he could tease the underside of her breasts and her stomach.

Her hands moved to his hair.

“Dom,” she whispered. “Let me pleasure you.”

He smiled a little as he moved up to take the tip of her nipple and bite it as gently as possible. She gasped. He liked it when she asked to suck his cock, even if ‘pleasure you’ was a little too flowery a way to put it. There was something about a woman asking if she could get a man off that made it even hotter. Of course, what man in his right mind would ever say ‘no’, but still…

“Not just yet,” he answered then pressed a quick kiss to her other nipple.

He got up and walked over to the music console and turned the system on. He could feel her gaze on his and he smiled in anticipation. Bruno Mars’ Locked out of Heaven started playing and she laughed a little. He figured she was remembering the way it had gotten stuck on repeat at his house on New Year’s – coincidently on the night they’d made their personal record for how many times two adults could have sex in one night.

He grinned at her and started dancing the White Man’s Overbite. She laughed even harder, and it was a good thing he had a fairly healthy ego, or he might have felt a little self-conscious dancing naked in front of a laughing woman. But he knew his Katelyn. Laughter and soft kisses were the key to her heart and soul.

She sat on the edge of the bed, shaking her head.

“Dominic! You complete dork—” she broke off as he skidded to a stop right in front of her on his knees.

“You bring me to my knees, you make me testify—”

“Stop… It,” she said slowly and fiercely, as she cupped his face and kissed him.

Her entire body was shaking in laughter.

“Cuz your sex takes me to paradise, yeah, your sex takes me to paradise…” he sang and ignored the burning in his knees from the carpet skid.

He stood up and dragged her to her feet then began dancing her around the room.

“Can I just stay here… spend the rest of my days here…” his breathless singing ended as she started kissing him in an almost painful manner.

Her hand reached down for his cock. Obviously, Kate was all about wanting action tonight but he wasn’t quite done yet with the wooing. She was going to get a romantic Valentine’s night to remember whether she wanted it or not.

He dropped back to his knees, wincing a bit at the sting.

“Oh, no, no—”

“Oh, yes, yes,” he answered with a quick chuckle.

Then he spread her thighs apart and half sat, half crouched to begin licking between her legs.

“Uh, uhhhh,” she gave a little wail.

He took two of his fingers and stuck them in her as he licked her clit. Her thighs began to tremble and she let out that sort of keen of a woman that didn’t know which end was up, or whether she wanted him to keep going, or stop. He knew Katelyn had a love-hate for this particular position; on one hand, she loved getting eaten out, on the other, she was completely unable to control her hips and the level of penetration he got the way she could on the bed.

Yeah, his Kate had some control issues, and yet, she seemed to have the best orgasms when he completely took it away from her. She had always been contrary that way. Good thing he had plenty of patience.

In fact, he thought he might try something new tonight. He got her just to the edge of a peak then he stopped. Her face showed her consternation and frustration as he stood up. She made a grab for his dick again but he caught her wrist, wrapped her arm around his neck and scooped her up off the floor.

She laughed in a flustered manner then shrieked as he tossed her on the big, gaudy bed. He crawled over her and gave her one long kiss then quickly flipped her over.

“Dom!” she exclaimed in surprise.

He squished her into the mattress with his body and rubbed his dick against her ass while he nipped lightly at her shoulders. She was panting into the satin pillow beneath her. He moved to kneeling, trapping her hips between his legs. She started to push herself up but he pushed her back down and began massaging her back. She groaned in obvious pleasure.

He worked his way down her back and scooted down a bit to massage her ass cheeks. He teased the crevice with his thumbs every time he squeezed, dipping a little further in each time. She started to rise up again, but he took one hand and lightly pressed her neck back down on the bed. He could just barely make out her expression under her wild hair flopped over the side of her face. He was worried she wouldn’t like it, but she seemed mesmerized and definitely not upset. He took his other hand and reached under to work her clit again while his thumb went in her pussy.

She sighed a long ‘ooh’. He could tell she was good and wet so he stopped and spread her legs wide, moved to kneeling, and raised her hips up enough to enter her. She raised her self on her hands enough to move to kneeling so he could finish doggy style.

He had no intention of finishing here, but he wanted her first cum.

“Touch yourself,” Dom demanded.

She reached under with one hand and beat off while he pounded into her. It only took a few strokes before he could hear her groaning her release into the pillow. He took a few more deep strokes, enjoying the tremors of her cum, then withdrew.

He nudged her now lax body so she would roll over. Her hair was all over the place and she had sweat all over her face. Her eyes were glazed and satiated. He smiled and moved to sitting.

“C’mere,” he said, helping her into a sitting position as well.

He lifted her up so she was sitting on him and he entered her again. She wrapped her legs and arms around him and nuzzled his forehead. He ran his hands up and down her back and started moving. One of his hands bunched in her hair and he kissed her teasingly.

He started moving their hips slowly at first then increased in speed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to come in this position which made it perfect for bringing her to another peak. He gripped her hips and moved them counter to the rhythm his own hips were making.

When he was sure she was nearing another orgasm, he stopped and took her face in his hands. She pushed against it but he held her still until he had her full attention.

“Marry me,” Dom asked.

She blinked and her eyebrows contracted. She stared blankly at him for what seemed like an eternity.

“What did you say?” she croaked.

He frowned.

“I planned to do it the right way at the restaurant on our date but—”

That was why you wanted to go out?” she asked in a trembling voice.

He frowned more.

Why was everything a discussion with her?

She raised her hands and ran her fingertips lightly all over his face, which felt strange and yet comforting. She traced his lips and tilted her head. One single tear came out of her eye and he held his breath hoping it was a good female crying sort of tear.

“What took you so long?” she asked in a cheeky way, echoing his question on Thanksgiving.

He barked a short humorless laugh.

“Not the answer I’m looking for, Skate.”

“Ask me again,” she said with a bright, teary smile.

He took a deep breath. Yeah, it was a good thing he’d developed such a thick skin with her.

“Katelyn, will you please marry me?” Dom asked firmly. “And have six or seven babies with me, and move in with me, and—”

“Woah,” she laughed. “Yes, to the first, half to the second, and let’s just table the third and anything after for another day. Where we live will work itself out.”

He squeezed her into a tight hug and buried his head in her wild, fluffy hair. He wondered if she could hear or feel his racing heart. He couldn’t believe she had said yes. Of course, he had hoped she would say yes. He had even sort of expected her to say yes, but one never knew with Katelyn.

He also knew ‘where we live will work itself out’ meant she expected to win that conversation, but he didn’t much care at that moment. To think he had almost given up on them ever being together right before Thanksgiving and now three months later, they were engaged. He felt a little lightheaded from getting so many wishes answered in such a short time.

“Dom,” she squeaked. “Dom, I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry,” he mumbled as he let her go a bit.

She smiled that lopsided smile he loved so much and kissed him. Her hands moved to his hips and she ground her hips against his one quick time, squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles. He bent his head and pulled her close but she pushed him back and got up off his lap.

She flashed a quick naughty smile and bent her head to his cock. Another thing to love about Katelyn; she was one of those rare women that loved giving head. His eyes were beginning to roll back when she lifted her head abruptly.

“Did you bring the ring with?” she asked in an adorably girlish way.

He chuckled and pushed her backwards onto the mattress and disentangled himself enough to move on top of her.

“You haven’t finished earning it yet,” he answered.

“Oh, ho, earn it, my ass,” Katelyn said in mock outrage.

Her eyes were twinkling with leftover tears and happiness.

“Mmnn, that’s an option. But let’s try it this way first,” he said and swallowed her laughter.

He gave her a fast, deep thrust intent on teasing her, but the way she moved her hips in response, and stuck her hand between his legs under his ass, quickly killed his self-control. So, maybe he wouldn’t be able to make it to four in one session this time… but they had all night.

Hell, they had the rest of their lives. And Dominic was more than happy to spend the rest of his life showing Katelyn just how sweet being his Valentine would be.

~~~~ THE END ~~~~

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–Copyright 2013, Genevieve Dewey.

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