…Authors, beware… ROOL #27b (amended)… don’t take yerselves too seriously… #TBSU…

Food for thought for some…

Seumas Gallacher

…one of the best definitions I know for an ‘expert speaker’ is sumb’dy who’s addressing an audience in any location more than 100 kilometres from their own normal base… it seems that emb’dy brought in ‘from away’ must be endowed with the attributes of authority… yeez’ll recognize the introducer’s opening line, ‘…all the way from…’ …now, if yer surname happens to be Einstein, or… or…or… or…well, Einstein… chances are ye’re the real deal… good advice among lots I heard as a youngster, and most of which I promptly ignored, was, ‘…by all means take yer career, yer profession, yer livelihood, seriously, but for goodness sake, never, never, never take yerselves too seriously…’ the old thing about becoming  a ‘legend in yer own mind’  is fraught with peril… these days, I’m content to call myself a writer, an author, yer humble quill-scraper, dweller in the realm of the virtual…

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