Dammit, Jim! (The value of the Red Shirt)

REBLOG from last year. This year the Red Shirt/3 show minimum rule saved me from missing out on one of the BEST SHOWS EVER, The Blacklist. That show is Spot-freakin’-ON in all aspects. Excellent writing and acting.

Genevieve Dewey

You know how it is, every fall season there are new shows paraded in front of us that are going to be the next new hottest thing everyone is talking about. Trouble is there’s only so much time and so much DVR space.

So, in our house we have what my husband calls the Red Shirt process.

(For those of you born only a few years ago or hidden under a rock or perhaps newly escaped from a Neo-Luddite compound this is a reference to the original Star Trek series in which a tertiary character, always wearing a red shirt, usually never seen before or only seen once or twice, and in whom the audience has zero invested, beams down to a planet with Captain Kirk and shortly thereafter gets unceremoniously killed. )

We each pick a few shows and let the DVR record the entire season while other shows we actually make…

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