Any Facebook addicts amongst the Downey/Dom&Kate fans?

I’ve set up Book Pages for each of the books on Facebook. I was nudged into this by some author friends. I admit it’s kind of a cool idea in that you can both “like” the Book AND “add” it to your list of books you’ve read on Facebook. This helps me immensely in search engines and when you click on that nifty “what are you doing right now” button in your status you can say you are reading my book (if you are, lol) and it will link people. Pretty cool huh? So, if you want to help, click “like” then “add”.

What’s in it for you? Well I will be posting snippets from the books on there, supplemental fictions, Pinterest pins, etc. Sure, you can still get these things here and on the my Facebook Author page too but these will be specific to the books. In the case of Third Time’s The Charm you can stay up to date without having to wade through other updates.

THANK YOU as always for your wonderful support!!!!


For the Dom & Kate Fans:

The Bird Day Battalion Book Page

The V-Day Aversion Book Page


For The Downey Trilogy Fans:

First, I Love You Book Page

Second of All Book Page

Third Time’s The Charm Book Page

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