2013 Summer Solstice Open, Elimination Round

The Iron Writer Challenge

The Iron Writer Challenge

2013 Summer Solstice Open!

 Sixteen Authors!

Four Elements!

Four Days!

500 Words!

The Elimination Round is now on!

The Authors:

Charlotte Bronte Division

Tannis Laidlaw

Steve Harz

Kriss Morton

Eric Garrison

F. Scott Fitzgerald Division

Robbie Thomas

B. R. Snow

M.D. Pitman

Dellani Oakes

Joseph Conrad Division

Guy Anthony De Marco

Dani J Caile

A Francis Raymond

Genevieve Dewey

Virginia Woolf Division

Tony Jaeger

Jim Wright

Kyle B Stiff

A. B. Bourne

The Elements:

  • Flying BicycleAn Electric Flying Bicycle
  • A Doppelganger
  • Atlantis
  • An obscure Black & White Television Drama/Comedy

Stories will be posted July 11th. Be sure to stop by and vote for the story you think used the elements in the most creative way.

One winner from each bracket will advance to the next round.

The winner from that round is invited to compete in The Iron Writer Championship Tournament next March.

Currently, the winner of…

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