I need your help!! Yes, YOU! #ASMSG #BYNR |


I thought it might be fun to do a reading from one of my books and post it on my YouTube Channel (and at Goodreads!) BUT! From which book should I read, and what scene? Please vote for a book then put your scene in the comments if you have a choice in mind. THANK YOU!


  1. I want the Hotel Scene at the end!!!! ( I voted for V-Day Aversion already last week) But, I didn’t notice where to put my scene selection, but that could be that I hurried through it too fast. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



    1. Haha!!!!!! You just want me to try and attempt your sexy, husky voice in that scene don’t you? Or are you talking about the Dom& Kate sex scene? I’m pretty sure First, I Love You is going to win though, Sweet P.


  2. Nope…you were right about the first one… yep that’s the one. The dialogue through that section is superb, and not just because a pseudo me is there!! LOL

    and I figured….I’d be happy with anything. Can’t wait to hear it!



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