Read an EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen Mickey and Mary Flashback! #ASMSG |

So I have been having a BLAST this week on the Blog Tour hosted by Literati Literature Lovers! How about you? Rosette asked me if I might write her a little bit of Retro Mickey & Mary and I tried really hard to keep it small. WHY?!?! I hear you asking. Well, don’t forget, Third Time’s The Charm is coming…and what not… Those of you who have finished Second of All may doubt this right now, but I love me some Happy Ever After, especially for so-called Star Crossed Lovers like Mary & Mickey.

Anyhooooo, let’s go back to the beginning shall we? Here is the flashback which Rosette named

Mickey Downey and his Mistress, the love of his life..

…quite a bit more swoon-worthy than my original title, which was non-existent. I think it’s quite possible I need more sleep.


Have a great Friday!

Edited to add… you know, I wrote this and made the shoes Louboutin (because they are my faves) without remembering that the first time one could in reality get Loubis was 1991, and this flashback was set 1986. Ah well. *shrug* It was also extremely unlikely an Irish gangster would have made it as high as Mickey did in La Cosa Nostra, and I knew that going in writing this series and I did it anyway, so, yeah, just go with it. Haha! PS-I Love you guys.


  1. “Hey, am I making any sense at all?
    Does anyone here speak English?
    Cuz everybody’s acting like I’m crazy
    Hey, is this thing on?
    And I must confess or maybe you’ve already guessed
    The you is me, I made up the rest
    And don’t you know sometimes I could just kill for a good conversation”
    ~Hey is this thing on Lyrics


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