PreCover Reveal Giveaway #2: It’s #MadForMobsters Monday!! #ASMSG |

UPDATE: Congratulations to Maria DeSouza for winning the Find me the Prefect Mickey Downey contest! She chose Jason Isaacs as her choice to play our favorite smooth mobster Mickey Downey!



Hello my lovely friends, fans, and followers!

Time for another I’m Just So Excited About This New Cover For First, I Love You Giveaway!!

(whew, that was a mouthful!)

Step 1: Head over to my Facebook Page:

Step 2: Scour the internet or your own personal photo collections and find me the perfect Mickey Downey. Well, a person who greatly resembles Mickey in First, I Love You. So, as you recall, our favorite mostly Irish (partly Italian) gangster is

A 55 year old male with
Black hair
Emerald green eyes
angular features
and smokes a pipe.

Thank you to Literati Literature Lovers for the image!

Thank you to Literati Literature Lovers for the image!

Step 3: Post your picture on my Facebook wall by TUESDAY (4/9), 11pm Chicago Time (Central) .

The person who finds the most magnificent Mobster Mickey will receive a:

$10 Amazon Kindle gift card!!

Remember, I still have those coupons for a free copy of V-Day Aversion, so up to 5 runners up can have one of those to keep or give away to a friend!

Come play and have fun!

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