“Equality Before The Law.”

A little about me and my beliefs.

Nebraska has a motto: “Equality before the law.” When discussing this with our children, my husband and I like to remark on the many facets of that simple statement. It can mean all human beings should be seen as equal in rights when applying the law. It can mean law makers should emphasize equality of people before the blind use of a law (meaning equal rights should trump an archaic piece of legislation). It can mean, simply, all people with legal standing should have equal access to all legal rights. Even more broadly applied, all human beings of all ages legally recognized as citizens should be seen as equally entitled to the protection, benefits, and adjudication of the law.

It is not just a saying, it is a way of thinking:

All human beings should have the same rights so long as the application of their rights do not enfringe upon the rights of others, and when deciding a dispute, all efforts should be made to ensure ALL human rights are equal before the law.

I’m married, heterosexual, and monogamous. I do not believe my right to practice this is in any way infringed upon by those who are not heterosexual and would like to be monogamously recognized by the State in a legal marriage. Religiously, my beliefs are in no way threatened by those who do not believe or practice the same things I do, because they are not forcing me to abandon my beliefs or restrict my legal right to practice/believe them.

Therefore, equality before the law means, if some one is asking for legal standing, and giving them legal right to share property rights and pay taxes in certain brackets in no way affects my rights, then it should be recognized as such.

This is my opinion, and I certainly respect the opinons of others to disagree morally/religiously, I simply choose to abide by the rule:

Equality before the law.


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