Luck o’ the Irish (or American mutt, whatever)

Last night I was feeling a little down in the mouth as my Advertising/Promoting budget is…well…non-existant. So it’s me, my blog, and my tweets/facebook. Sometimes Pinterest (hey, that’s Admin time, not at all farting around on the internet…honest). And of course, I was feeling very grateful to those of you who go around actually talking about the books! Since, of course, that’s the best way to spread the word for an Indie like me, and also, clearly I have paid none of you to do so! Hahaaa!

What was my point, you ask? (Been a while since you’ve had rambling Gen, hasn’t it?)

A friend forwarded this email to me this morning, and holy hobnobbing leprechauns, Amazon actually advertise FOR me. I didn’t pay them to either. Usually they recommend other people’s books. Not mine.


Is it luck? Is it an algorithm?

Who cares!

I hope you’ll keep spreading the word and I’ll keep writing. And next week I find out if I move forward in Amazon’s contest, so I’ll either be drowning my sorrows or celebrating, either way….



  1. You have nothing to be sorrowful for…. you were picked out of THOUSANDS of applicants my dear! You succeeded no matter what Cupcake! 🙂 And congrats on the free advertising! WOOT!

    Penelope Jones- Spanking it since 1996!


  2. Fantastic Daughter! I continue to spread the word and share your site and books. Sending you a donation for your promotion budget.


  3. I think you should be very proud of where you are, I will love the day when I see my book right up where yours is now! Look luck and always think ‘glass half full’!


    1. Thank you, that’s very nice of you! I hardly ever wonder if my glass is half full or half empty; I’m just grateful for the glass….and the bottle of whiskey. Haha!


      1. You’re very welcome, you earned it! Now, if only I could get back to book writing as this wordpress site has been giving me grief for hours as I am trying to navigate and spent 2 hours making changes only to find, nothing changed or posted, arggggggg, where is that whiskey!


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