#ASMSG A little excerpt from the new Dominic&Katelyn short. Just because.

I’m sharing it because I sort of am in love with this new character I named Penny. Yes, I named her after my friend Penny. You all do realize an author reserves the right to write people, places, and events into their stories right? *wink* But, anyway, this is Fake!Penny. Totally fictional character named Penny, but is not Bad Penny. Just to clear up any confusion. And I hope Real!Penny doesn’t mind. LOL


Copyright Genevieve Dewey, All Rights Reserved (subject to editing, etc):

A petite yet curvy woman came out of the office adjacent to the front desk with a huge welcoming smile on her face. She had shoulder length jet black hair pulled back with two sparkly barrettes that highlighted the shocking pink streak of hair over her right temple and the pearl choker she wore around her neck. She had on a black shiny leather skirt and a cashmere pink top that stretched across her well-endowed bosom. On her legs were knee high striped socks and black patent heels. She looked like a Fifties housewife fused with a Goth girl. It should have been too incongruous but the woman pulled it off somehow with an effortlessly sensual flare. Pinned to her sweater top was a name tag that read “Penny”.

“May I help you?” Penny asked in a Jessica Rabbit voice.

There was silence and Katelyn looked to her left waiting for Dom to speak. He always made reservations or ordered at supper; he never waited for her to take the lead. But Dominic was staring at the woman with a glazed expression. Katelyn stomped on his foot.

“Hey!” he looked over at her but she spared him only a brief annoyed glance.

“We’re looking for a couple that are staying here,” Katelyn began. “The man would have sandy brown hair about six foot tall, wearing a business suit and the woman – girl – would be oh about here,” Katelyn paused and put her hand up to her ear. Penny’s black eyebrows rose daintily. “And she would be wearing a completely ridiculously out of season dress.”

Penny nodded vaguely a few times then slightly tilted her head.

“Listen, I’d love to help you but I can’t give that sort of information out unless you’re law enforcement or something,” she ended the sentence looking at Dominic then slowly licked her lips and winked.

Dominic made some choking sounds and Katelyn gritted her teeth.

“No, we’re not law enforcement. He’s my brother-in-law and she’s…”

A husky infectious laugh startled Katelyn to a stop.

“I’m just messing with you,” Penny said. “I really can’t give you their room number or I’ll get fired but I could totally tell you they’re in the dining room over there.” She stopped and looked side to side then leaned forward over the counter, inadvertently giving them a full view of her cleavage. “And between you and me, I don’t really need this gig, it’s just something to pad the customer base, you know what I mean?”

Katelyn’s mouth dropped open.

“You mean… are you saying you’re… I mean… I’m not judging or…”

The infectious laugh rang out again, surprisingly loud from such a feminine and petite woman.

“No, no, don’t be silly! I’m a relationship counselor.”

Katelyn shared a look with still-silent Dominic.

“Like a marriage counselor?”

“Oh, honey, I don’t restrict myself to monogamous state-sanctioned relationships. Less clientele that way. There’s some seriously messed up people come to a hotel like this,” Penny continued. “I mean, there’s obviously vanilla folk like you—”

“I’m not vanilla! What does that even mean? Whatever it means I’m not it,” Dom finally interjected sounding offended.

Penny smiled and winked again.

“Sure, whatever. Don’t get me wrong, there’s all sorts of people come here, regular folk, experiential folks and weird folk. I’m not talking the normal kind of weird—”

“Isn’t that technically an oxymoron?” Katelyn interjected.

Penny blinked and smiled.

“I like you. You and the boyfriend ever need any helpful advice you just give me a ring,” Penny said with a deep chuckle and took a business card out of her bra.


  1. Super cute! Hope you continue it. I could just totally picture the scene perfectly in my head.


    1. Oh yay! I’m so glad you liked it! I never intended on writing any more Dominic and Katelyn after Bird Day Battalion so I was surprised at how many people kept asking if I was going to write more. So now I am, but I keep changing my mind how spicy I’m going to make it. I always joke the first one was all Hallmark channel until the very end and it switches to Spice. LOL


  2. I freaking lovers you Cuppycake! Holy Toledo Penny is cute as a freaking button. And you know I love Dom and Kate already! -giggles- I can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

    The Bad Penny


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