I received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award from @JMcNamara4


Joseph McNamara nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. He’s a wonderful man (as far as I can tell having never met him) who is quite a passionate supporter of women’s rights. I love his blog because it is a very soulful prosaic exploration of the symbiotic relationship between a Dominant & submissive. I also might have mentioned before I enjoy the love filled poetry he and Gemini write for each other and their song fests on Twitter. My husband and I don’t write each other poetry but we do the songapaloozas from time to time so it brings a grin to my face to see another couple do it. Anyway, I’m babbling again (as usual), so, back to business:

I think the list of people I would nominate in return would have probably already done this award at least once (and or are really busy writing right now) so I am going to simply list the blogs I enjoy going to on a regular basis and IF they choose to share they may, if not that’s alright as well. 🙂

Here are Seven Things about me:

1. I live a very boring life which I enjoy immensely. Drama exhausts me. I like periodic doses of drama in a book, blog, or TV show. I do *not* like it in my life. I’m a very straight forward, bluntly honest person so I  tend to avoid people that can’t handle that.

2. I did my masters thesis on the Cultural Implications of Pre-eclampsia (a condition of pregnancy) specifically with regard to women’s choices/experiences within the medical paradigm they chose.

3. I’ve been married before. We don’t stay in touch.

4. I deeply enjoy writing/telling stories. I deeply *hate* having to try and sell these stories. That’s not a whine, just a self-observation. 🙂 I think it comes from the above, I’m pretty much a You Get What You See person so when I write I’m thinking, “Hey, hope you like it, if not, that’s cool, too. Whatever.” This is probably not the best approach to salesmanship. LOL!

5. I love hanging out with people who use critical thinking, who don’t take my flirting and sarcasm seriously, who don’t look down upon people who have different lifestyles than their own, and who value and practice respect for other human beings at all times. I have ZERO, and I mean zero, tolerance for those who do not. This is when I tend to lose my objective cultural relativity and get all sharptongued and viciously critical. It’s not pretty.

6.  I love doing those big giant jigsaw puzzles that you leave out on the table and do in punctuated spurts. Sadly, I can’t do that much anymore with three small children, and the Apps on my iPad aren’t the same.

7.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people assume things about me without asking. Ask. I would give you that same respect.


The Blogs I visit most often (and I just realized there’s definitely a theme here — how incredibly unobservant of me as an anthropologist! — it seems I like blogs with poetry, romance, and erotica):

The Penelope Jones

The Red Velvet Chair

The Sacred Road

The Adventures of Pink Bonnet Girl

Gemini Words

Joseph McNamara

A Faded Romantic’s Notebook

Trashy’s Treasures

Ms Romantic Reads


  1. Loved your 7 facts and thank you for the kind words here. I think the one thing best about these type of exercises is you get to learn a little more about the people you appreciate and admire on a daily basis in their prose, shared word and friendship….


    1. I agree completely! I was surprised to read you have a MA in Theology and considered the sacrament of holy orders! That is very fascinating and I share your reasons for estrangement from the Church. I also share your opinion on women’s rights, and like I said, I respect how you cherish Gemini. I am certainly glad that our paths have crossed, but then I’m of a mind that believes certain paths are meant to cross no matter how ephemeral in nature.
      Thank you again for the award.


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