Here’s what I think about Internet thugs

So this friend of mine, Ed Scarpo, got himself some ruffled feathers. Psshhh.

These silly so called “beefs” between “supporters” … so ridiculous.

Fugggeedabout it.



    1. Yep, I thought you knew that! LOL It’s silly this whole thing, hope it blows over soon. I mean has Renee or Jenn actually said anything to you directly? You didn’t do anything wrong.


  1. Oh yes, I seen the magazine Mob Candy online & never gave it much thought then while reading one or another outlandish story lines about the mobwives aka crazies I came across Ed’s blogs. The trademark & patent office uses this rule of thumb; when a person/company tries using a commonly used name, i.e., mob/candy the likelihood of them rejecting it is very high. I’m not an attorney but I know this because I’ve done a few trademark names for my business. The mistake people make is that they automatically think there trademark name will be validated once they enter their desired name & it shows as no other name of that kind in the database. It will show such info because that desired name will not be approved. I did see that there is a mobcandy trademark that has been approved but it doesn’t belong to Renee or who ever writes for the mob candy so I’d imagine he’d have to resolve that? Why he didn’t trademark the name is a surprise to me but I’m not his business manager.


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