Speaking of Words @Penelope_Prose…

The other day my friend Penny was having a bad day and she is SUCH a giver that she didn’t even tell me about it so I could help her. Of course when *I* was having a bad day she was all over that talking me out of it. This is like debt bondage for the soul I try and tell her, but she just snickers.

(Sidenote: Some strong man needs to come along and snatch that woman up… BUT I digress.)

Anyhoo, this is for her:


In other news….. I have a lot of Real Life stuff to do next few days, BUT thought you ought to know, started your Valentine’s short and I’m framing Third Time’s the Charm (Book 3 of The Downey Trilogy). Exciting, huh?

A rose by any other name...

See? Even Al Capone is excited for MORE Mickey Downey!


  1. Let me first start with my thankfulness. Good/Bad Gen… my cuppycake… You make my day better by just seeing something you wrote go across my feed, but our conversations are amazing. You are brilliant, witty, a bit deviant, and a way more naughty than anyone outside #Naughtyville needs to know. Heh

    I love the picture…and I’m a fixer it’s what my submissive little heart says to do. Go forth into the world and fix it. Bad days included, even my own. -winks- I got your back…and believe me there will come a time, I’ll NEED you, and I know you will be there for me.

    Now… Missy…did you really just put me on blog-a-date for Bad Penny up there????? You got some ‘splaining to do!

    I lovers you my Ethel. ( Ideas I haz em…together we conquer the world!)


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