Gemma’s Review of First, I Love You.

So you remember when I was kvetching about Cross-blogination? Here’s another one. Gemma’s blog is on Blogger mine is of course on WordPress, so I am sharing the link to her review of my book manually.

If you have a Google+ account give her some sugars!

My favorite part of the review is this: “The book doesn’t quite follow the rules of any specific genre – while the main theme is organised crime intertwined is a story of hatred, love and regret, which pleased me greatly. Some may say that you cannot have a story about warring Mafia families, crime and murder with stories of love thrown in, but I think in this instance it really worked.”

Aw, Hell, who am I kidding? I loved the whole thing! I’m so happy right now I could kiss the next seven people who walked up to me!

❤ ❤ ❤

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